• Outstanding Seal
  • Antimicrobial properties
  • Promotes per-apical healing
  • Easy obturations and follow-up

BioRoot™ RCS. Succeed.

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Article: Volume 43 Number 7 Page 605 - September 2016

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  Dent Update 2016; 43: 605-605

Editorial:  The commoditization of choice

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Abstract: As a presenter at hands-on composite meetings, I take the opportunity to ask my audience about the materials that they use. On many occasions in the recent past, when I asked this question, I was astonished to hear that a sizeable proportion did not have any choice regarding the materials that they used! Having been a dental practice principal myself for many years, I realize that a delicate balance often has to be struck between carrying out good dentistry and making sufficient 'profit' for the practice to be viable, given that the practice owners are responsible, not only for their own salary, but also for the livelihoods of all of the practice team.

Author notes: F J Trevor Burke