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Article: Volume 43 Number 5 Page 405 - June 2016

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  Dent Update 2016; 43: 405-405

Guest Editorial:  Dental Olympians, 2016

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Abstract: our years ago, with the London Games upcoming, I wrote, in a Dental Olympians Comment, about the rise of zirconia as a base material for crowns and bridges. Whether this has continued to make inroads into the metal ceramic market is uncertain. I also wrote about the possibility of the dental implant becoming a mainstream part of everyday dental practice. Recent evidence on the exponential rise in peri-implantitis and peri-implant mucositis (published recently in Dental Update2) had led me to question my glowing report on implants four years ago, along with others, such as the great Jan Lindhe.3

Author notes: F J Trevor Burke