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Article: Volume 43 Number 4 Page 305 - May 2016

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  Dent Update 2016; 43: 305-306

Guest Editorial:  A tale of two sisters

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Abstract: The University of Birmingham School of Dentistry moved, over Easter, to a splendid, bright, airy, state-of-the-art new building (Figure 1) close to the site of the old BBC Pebble Mill studios. While much planning has gone into this, the actual moving of countless offices has made for much work for all concerned. Readers who have recently moved house, office or surgery, will realize how much! It goes without saying that, during such a move, one has to assess what needs to be kept and what needs to be thrown out, and this necessitates stopping the tidying and reading documents, papers and the like, just in case they might be of future importance. I was diverted in my filling of bin bags to read many a paper that I had long forgotten, including one that I wrote almost 30 years ago!!

Author notes: F J Trevor Burke