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  • Promotes per-apical healing
  • Easy obturations and follow-up

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Article: Volume 43 Number 3 Page 296 - April 2016

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  Dent Update 2016; 43: 296-297

Technique Tips:  Technique Tips – Fitting Hall Crowns

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Abstract: The Hall Technique is a method for managing carious primary molars. The decay is sealed under preformed metal crowns without local anaesthesia, tooth preparation or any caries removal. There is good evidence that, if caries is effectively sealed from the oral environment, the bacterial profile in the caries will change, resulting in it losing its cariogenic potential so that the lesion does not progress.

Author notes: Ayesha Patel, BDS, MFDS RCS(Ed), Paediatric Registrar, Eastman Dental Hospital, Emma Ray-Chaudhuri, BDS MJDF RCS(Eng), Specialty Registrar in Paediatric Dentistry, Health Education Kent, Surrey and Sussex and Sanjeev Sood, BDS, MFDS RCS(Ed), MDentCh, FDS RCSEng), Consultant in Paediatric Dentistry, King’s College Dental Hospital, London, UK.