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Article: Volume 42 Number 6 Page 588 - July/August 2015

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  Dent Update 2015; 42: 588-588

Clinical Challenges Q&A:  Clinical Challenges Q&A 12. Blisters on Lips

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Abstract: A 31-year-old secretary complained of recurrent lip blistering. She had suffered from blisters on the lips since she was a teenager. The blistering affected either one or both lips, and appeared spontaneously or after sun exposure. She was aware of no other precipitants and had no other mucocutaneous, ocular or genital complaints and no fever or allergies.

Author notes: Professor Crispian Scully, CBE, MD, PhD, MDS, MRCS, BSc, FDS RCS, FDS RCPS, FFD RCSI, FDS RCSE, FRCPath, FMedSci, FHEA, FUCL, DSc, DChD, DMed(HC), Dr HC, Co-Director of WHO Collaborating Centre for Oral Health-General Health: and Emeritus Professor, University College London, UK and Dr Dimitrios Malamos, DDS, MSc, PhD, DipOM, Oral Medicine Clinic, National Organization for the Provision of Health Services (IKA), Athens, Greece.