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Article: Volume 41 Number 5 Page 432 - June 2014

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  Dent Update 2014; 41: 432-438

Restorative dentistry:  Evaluation of a Novel Compule-Based Gingival Retraction System in UK General Dental Practices

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Abstract: Twelve members were selected at random from the PREP panel, a group of UK-based dentists who are prepared to carry out research in their practices. A questionnaire was designed to determine the views of the participants, who were asked to use the retraction paste capsules where clinically indicated. They were asked to return the questionnaire after 8 weeks and the information contained therein was collated and presented mainly on visual analogue scales (VAS). A total of 160 impressions were taken using the Astringent Retraction Paste (3M ESPE, Seefeld, Germany) plus use in the placement of 25 restorations. Of evaluators, 83% (n = 10) agreed that Astringent Retraction Paste was a suitable product for gingival retraction and 75% (n = 9) agreed that it had good haemostatic properties. Overall dispensing and handling of the paste was rated as 4.9 on a VAS scale where 1 = Inconvenient and 5 = Convenient. The viscosity of the paste was rated as 3.6 on a VAS where 1 = too thin and 5 = too thick. Good scores were achieved across all criteria for the product.

Clinical relevance: Practitioners may wish to be aware of a novel compule-based gingival retraction system.

Author notes: FJ Trevor Burke, DDS, MSc, MDS, MGDS, FDS RCS(Edin), FDS RCS(Eng), FFGDP(UK), FADM, Professor of Primary Care and Russell John Crisp, BDS, DGDP, Primary Dental Care Research Unit, University of Birmingham School of Dentistry, School of Medical and Dental Sciences, St Chad’s Queensway, Birmingham B4 6NN, UK.

Objective: To itemize various medications that have the potential to discolour teeth and recommend measures to prevent medication-related teeth discoloration.