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Article: Volume 41 Number 2 Page 137 - March 2014

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  Dent Update 2014; 41: 137-143

Removable Prosthodontics:  Implant-Supported Mandibular Denture: Planning to Delivery – A Case Report

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Abstract: Restoring the edentulous mandible with a removable prosthesis can be a challenging prospect for both the dentist and patient during and after treatment. Poor retention and support are the major problems reported with a mandibular complete denture and these can be significantly improved with the use of implants and retentive attachments. Utilizing implants requires careful planning from both the surgical and restorative aspects to ensure that the intended treatment aim and outcome is achieved.

Clinical relevance: This case highlights the importance of both restorative and surgical considerations when planning the rehabilitation of the mandible with dental implants.

Author notes: Upen S Patel, BDS, Clinical Lecturer in Restorative Dentistry and A Damien Walmsley, PhD, MSc, BDS, FDS RCPS, Professor in Restorative Dentistry, School of Dentistry, University of Birmingham, Birmingham B4 6NN, UK.

Objective: To outline the planning, placement and subsequent restoration of dental implants in the mandible with an implant-retained removable prosthesis.