7th July 2022 @7pm
Bioclear Method – A Predictable Solution for Deep Marginal Adaption and Crack/Cuspal Protection with Direct Composite Cuspal Overlays
Dr Claire Burgess
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27th July 2022 @7pm
Biomimetic Restorations Simplified
Hussein Patanwala
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Issue: Volume 49 Number 6 - June 2022

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P449  Editorial:  The changing face of dental exhibitions? by FJT Burke

I recently attended the BDIA Dental Showcase exhibition, a masterpiece of organization by all concerned, getting so many stands and people together at the right place and at the right time. Given that the pandemic had stymied dental meetings since March 2020, it was refreshing to see that dentistry...  Read more


P453  Temporomandibular Disorders:  Temporomandibular Disorders. Part 3: Pain and Pharmacological Therapy by P Clarke, F Oluwajana, M James, E Foster-Thomas, R Allan

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Temporomandibular disorders (TMD) comprise a variety of diagnoses with multifactorial aetiologies. The treatment of these conditions is often multimodal, reflecting the complex nature of their pathogenesis. Pharmacology has long been used for the control of inflammation and pain in various acute...  Read more

P462  Fixed Prothodontics:  Revisiting the Functionally Generated Path Technique: Is This an Aid to Predictable Digital Occlusal Design? Part 2. The Technique by T Bereznicki, R Patel, M Clark

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The precision of the occlusal scheme is paramount to the production of a successful fixed restoration(s) and its long-term success. The provision of the correct occlusal scheme is one of the requirements when working conformatively, whether in analogue or digital format. Part 1 highlighted occlusal...  Read more

P472  Dental Implants:  Occlusal Considerations for Single Tooth Implant Crowns by H Charadva

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With the rise in popularity of dental implants to replace missing teeth, there are also increasing concerns surrounding complications. Within the plethora of complications and associated aetiologies, occlusion is possibly the least understood. The biomechanical principles shown in this article can...  Read more

P477  Special Care Dentistry:  An Update for General Dental Practitioners on a New Medication for the Management of Patients with Haemophilia A by S Fenesan, B Madan, N Nizarali

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Emicizumab is a new medication used in the treatment of people with haemophilia A and there is little in the current literature providing guidance for dental treatment. It is important to risk assess dental procedures appropriately according to their bleeding risk and to liaise closely with the...  Read more

P483  Paediatric dentistry:  Management of Molar–Incisor Hypomineralization and Hypodontia in Monozygotic Twins: A Case Report by N Joshi, C McLoughlin

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Molar–incisor hypomineralization (MIH) is the hypomineralization of permanent first molars and is often associated with similarly affected incisors. This can lead to caries development and post-eruptive enamel breakdown. Early diagnosis and management are of prime importance to prevent premature...  Read more

P491  Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery:  Dental Implications of Transoral Robotic Surgery (TORS) in the Management of Head and Neck Cancer by S Lynn Tan, L Warner, J Trainor

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Transoral robotic surgery (TORS) is increasingly being used in the UK as an alternative to other treatment modalities for the management of head and neck cancer. This article describes key features of the robotic system, and discusses risks of peri-operative dental complications that can arise as a...  Read more

P495  Paediatric dentistry:  Managing Early Childhood Caries with Silver Diamine Fluoride in the COVID-19 Context: Case Report by L Raziel Martagón Cabrera, F Gregorio Arriola Pacheco

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COVID-19 is challenging modern dentistry, obliging all professionals to look for treatment strategies that are in accordance with health and ethical standards, so as to avoid virus transmission in the dental office. In recent years, paediatric dentistry has benefited from minimally invasive...  Read more

P500  Oral surgery:  Necrotizing Fasciitis: A Severe Complication of Odontogenic Infection by L Olsson, H Muir, J Grant, MT Brands, D Vuity

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Necrotizing fasciitis is a rare complication of dental infection and is associated with a significant mortality rate. Prompt recognition and urgent referral are therefore essential. Surgical debridement and broad-spectrum intravenous antibiotic therapy are the mainstay of management. This report...  Read more

P506  Oral medicine:  Peripheral Facial Nerve Palsy after Lip Augmentation: An Unusual Case Presentation by S Ilyas, K Mukherjee, S Shetty

The demand for lip augmentation has increased over the recent years. Facial palsy is not a frequently encountered presentation post cosmetic fillers, there is little literature on this. Therefore, it is important to highlight the findings of this case and to discuss the possible pathophysiology and...  Read more

P511  Orthodontics:  Vacuum-formed versus Fixed Orthodontic Retainers by C Heavey

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At present, limited guidance is available on what retentive intervention provides the best post-orthodontic stability in the region of most concern to our patients: the labial segments. This article brings together the most recent research to draw a conclusion on which of the most common retentive...  Read more

P515  Endodontics:  A Rare Finding of a Radix Entomolaris and Radix Paramolaris in a Lower First Mandibular Molar Requiring Endodontic Treatment: A Case Report by L Gladwin, J Patel

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The success of endodontic treatment lies in the ability to appropriately access, clean and debride the entire root canal system to prevent or treat peri-apical pathology. The ‘conventional’ anatomy of a lower first molar consists of one mesial root usually with two canals and one distal root...  Read more

P520  Letters to the Editor:  Letters to the Editor by Y Maidment, N Ayisire, G Aruede

The December 2021 and January 2022 editorials in Dental Update got me reflecting and thinking. I made a brief visit to Paris in early December 2021 to attend the presentation and public defence of my cousin’s DChD thesis.  Read more

P522  Technique Tips:  Neutral Zone Concept for Implant Placement in Mandibular Overdentures: A Case Report by A AL-Oulabi, Y Johari, A Husein, A Hassan, R Shaari, A Ariffin

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The objectives for complete denture fabrication are to provide comfort, function and aesthetics. The availability of implant-assisted overdentures has benefited complete denture wearers; however, the success of the prostheses can be further enhanced when the neutral zone concept is incorporated as...  Read more

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