31st May 2022 @7pm
Composite v Amalgam
Louis MacKenzie
Sponsored by the Oral Health Foundation


7th June 2022 @7pm
NHS vs Private Dentistry
Iain Stevenson, Nigel Jones, Mike Blenkharn & Aaron Prested
Sponsored by Wesleyan


8th June 2022 @7pm
Biomimetic Restorations Simplified
Hussein Patanwala
Sponsored by GC


14th June 2022 @7pm
How the pandemic has changed our mouths - The oral health aftermath
Lottie Manahan
Sponsored by Waterpik


15th June 2022 @7pm
Senior Radiation Protection Adviser & Medical Physics Expert
Neil Pick
Sponsored by DD


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Issue: Volume 48 Number 10 - November 2021

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P811  Guest Editorial:  Spread Awareness. Stop Resistance. by W Thompson

It’s Friday and it’s quarter to five. An emergency patient has been squeezed in. Reception has wedged them into the rammed list of the dentist least likely to complain. Despite being exceptionally busy, the associate, Dr Gracy Curette, keeps her counsel and agrees to see the patient. How often does...  Read more


P816  Orthodontics/Maxillofacial Surgery:  The seven-year journey of an ectopic canine: multidisciplinary management of a dentigerous cyst in the early mixed dentition by T Colloc, R Morrison, M Burrell, C Larmour

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The Aberdeen Royal Infirmary oral and maxillofacial surgery department is involved in the joint planning of cases with the orthodontic and restorative departments of the Aberdeen Dental Hospital to agree an optimal treatment plan for patients, with input from all three specialties. A 7-year-old...  Read more

P823  Restorative dentistry:  Ten tips for avoiding post & operative sensitivity with posterior composite restorations by FJT Burke, L Mackenzie, P Sands, ACC Shortall

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Patients increasingly seek tooth-coloured restorations in their posterior dentition, and with the anticipated decline in the use of amalgam as a result of the Minamata Agreement, this will increase. However, the incidence of post-operative sensitivity has been variously assessed as being between 0%...  Read more

P836  Endodontics:  Disinfection of the root canal system: what should the protocol be? by SJ Bonsor

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The presence of micro-organisms within the root canal system is the critical aetiological factor in peri-radicular periodontitis. During root canal treatment (RCT) it is imperative that this infection and other organic debris are removed from the root canal system. This is challenging because...  Read more

P846  Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery/ Radiology/ Oral Medicine:  Lung carcinoma presenting as bilateral metastases in the mandibular gingivae: a case report and literature review by N Elsherif, P Jeremic, T Blackburn

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This case report describes the rare presentation of lung carcinoma as bilateral masses affecting the mandibular gingivae. Although metastatic disease to the mouth is rare, accounting for only 1% of oral malignancies, it is essential to ensure that the presence of cancer is included in any...  Read more

P851  Prosthetics:  Mouth preparation for complete dentures by W Leyssen, N Abdelaziz, AD Walmsley

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The success of complete dentures is highly dependent on the anatomy of the oral cavity. Several conditions can affect the final denture fit. Disorders of the soft tissues, such as denture hyperplasia, denture stomatitis and mucosal pathology may play a role. There are also difficulties related to...  Read more

P859  Oral surgery:  The opioid crisis: evaluating the safety and efficacy of opioid analgesia in the management of acute post-operative dental pain by D Merrick, M O'Sullivan, M Clarke

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The use and misuse of opioid analgesics have been highlighted in recent years. This review assesses dental opioid use, the effectiveness of opioid-containing analgesics versus non-opioid alternatives and the implications for post-operative pain management strategies in the dental practice....  Read more

P866  Paediatric dentistry:  Aesthetic dental challenges for the paediatric patient by F Loy, V Srinivasan

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Advancements in material science have contributed greatly towards aesthetic dentistry. However, achieving satisfactory aesthetics for children in the developing dentition poses unique challenges. Challenges include, but are not limited to: (1) patient co-operation; (2) optimum moisture control; (3)...  Read more

P881  COVID-19:  Current COVID-19 vaccine epidemiology and dentistry by L Samaranayake

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The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) vaccine story is continuously unfolding. Since our previous COVID-19 commentaries, much new information has transpired on the subject, and here we revisit this topic, which has practical implications for all stakeholders in dentistry, as well as the public....  Read more

P887  Letters to the Editor:  Letters to the Editor by SB Mehta et al

We read with interest, Professor Burke’s comments about our research article, reporting on the performance of directly bonded resin composite restorations placed at an increased occlusal vertical dimension for the treatment of generalized tooth wear.1  Read more

P890  Technique Tips:  The Use of Flowable Composite in Recording the Soft Tissue Profile of Implant Restorations by B Neo, A Alani

Accurate recording and transfer of the peri-implant gingival crest morphology to the working cast is fundamental in creating optimal contours and implant abutment finishing lines in the final restoration.   Read more