7th July 2022 @7pm
Bioclear Method – A Predictable Solution for Deep Marginal Adaption and Crack/Cuspal Protection with Direct Composite Cuspal Overlays
Dr Claire Burgess
Sponsored by 3M


27th July 2022 @7pm
Biomimetic Restorations Simplified
Hussein Patanwala
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Issue: Volume 48 Number 6 - June 2021

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P433  Editorial:  More FAQs by T Burke

In the last Comment, I explained that I would answer some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) in writing, as I didn’t have time at the conclusion of a webinar. Here are more! The most frequent FAQ was: Seal&Protect has been discontinued by the manufacturers: what is the best alternative?   Read more


P435  Guest Editorial:  The inevitability of change: the place for mindfulness and compassion in dentistry by L Seager, K Atkinson

There is a saying that goes: the only things that are certain in life are death and taxes. I would go one further and also say that there is one more thing that we can add to that – the inevitability of change.   Read more

P443  Radiography:  An Update on Radiation Protection and the Ionizing Radiation Regulations by LW Feinberg, PP Nixon

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In this article, the risks associated with dental X-ray examinations, the doses from different types of dental x-ray examinations, the principles of radiation protection and the key points set out in the IRR 17 and IRMER 17 legislation, with emphasis on the relevant changes between these new sets...  Read more

P451  Orthodontics:  DIY orthodontics’ – ‘don't do it yourself’! by G Townend, S Misra

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Do-it-yourself (DIY) orthodontics is becoming more popular as the demand for straight teeth increases, particularly with the ever-growing pressures of social media. In this article, the trends seen, the patients it attracts and what is being done, both nationally and internationally, to warn...  Read more

P459  Periodontics:  An update on halitosis: seven common questions by R Wadia

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The aim of this review is to summarize answers to common questions related to halitosis including its prevalence, the different types, aetiology, assessment, diagnosis and management in general practice.   Read more

P465  Restorative dentistry:  Resin-retained bridges: ten tips for success and an update on all-ceramic designs by O Barraclough, T Dennis, J Patel

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Resin-retained bridges RRBs are a conservative and minimally invasive means of tooth replacement. The complex nature of planning for RRBs can be overlooked and may subsequently lead to poor outcomes. With ceramic RRBs gaining popularity, discussion surrounding how their preparation differs from...  Read more

P474  Paediatric dentistry:  The importance of periodontal screening in children. A case report by F Capaldi, E Besi, EM Roebuck

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The British Society of Periodontology, in collaboration with the British Society of Paediatric Dentistry, published guidelines in 2012 for the periodontal screening of children and adolescents. The guidelines recommended a simplified Basic Periodontal Examination (BPE) of six teeth for children...  Read more

P479  Endodontics:  Get smart – technological innovations in endodontics. Part 1: 3D imaging, 3D treatment planning and guided endodontics by P Kamalkant Shah, Q Zhang, B San Chong

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ndodontic treatment can be technically challenging, requiring a high level of clinical precision and skill to avoid mishaps, to achieve a quality result and to ensure a favourable outcome. Understandably, dentists vary in competency and ability to manage challenging endodontic cases. Coupled with...  Read more

P487  Oral surgery:  A case of grafted repair of an oro-antral fistula following non-surgical periodontal therapy by C Heggie, K Smorthit, B Sood, T Thayer

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Oro-antral communication is a well-recognized complication of dental extractions in the maxilla, but is rarely reported to occur from periodontal causes. This article describes the formation of an oro-antral communication following non-surgical periodontal therapy, and its subsequent management.   Read more

P493  Sustainability/Oral Health:  Sustainable oral healthcare and the environment: challenges by S Mulligan, L Smith, N Martin

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Oral healthcare has an environmental impact that is specific to the profession and is currently unsustainable. This impact results in unwanted and difficult-to-manage waste, carbon emissions and other environmental impacts that contribute to climate change. Contributions to this pollution come from...  Read more

P503  Letters to the Editor:  Letters to the Editor by T Renton et al

FDS RCS parameters of care for patients undergoing third molar surgery  Read more

P508  Technique Tips:  The Lap-to-lap (Knee-to-knee) Examination in Paediatric Dentistry by N Dzyuba, L Reynolds, S Barry

It is advised that all young children are brought to see a dentist as soon as their first teeth come through and ideally, before the age of one year.  Read more

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