31st May 2022 @7pm
Composite v Amalgam
Louis MacKenzie
Sponsored by the Oral Health Foundation


7th June 2022 @7pm
NHS vs Private Dentistry
Iain Stevenson, Nigel Jones, Mike Blenkharn & Aaron Prested
Sponsored by Wesleyan


8th June 2022 @7pm
Biomimetic Restorations Simplified
Hussein Patanwala
Sponsored by GC


14th June 2022 @7pm
How the pandemic has changed our mouths - The oral health aftermath
Lottie Manahan
Sponsored by Waterpik


15th June 2022 @7pm
Senior Radiation Protection Adviser & Medical Physics Expert
Neil Pick
Sponsored by DD


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Issue: Volume 47 Number 11 - December 2020

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P897  Editorial:  It was not a good year by T Burke

I was in a gift shop prior to the second lockdown, and pricked up my ears to listen to the background muzak: bizarrely, it was playing ‘It was a very good year’ a song written by Ervin Drake and made famous by Frank Sinatra on his 1965 album ‘September of my years’. He was awarded a Grammy in the...  Read more


P900  Guest Editorial:  Moving on from AAA: the 3Ps and 3Rs protocol for remote management of dental patients by S Darwish, K El-Boghdadly, M Abdelmajeed, W Belhaj, T Shembesh

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With the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic limiting movement, and dental services being somewhat reduced, there is a need for remotely managing patients through teledentistry. The ‘advice, analgesics, antibiotics’ (AAA) protocol has become common practice but concerns have become...  Read more

P907  Restorative dentistry:  Restoration of severe localized tooth wear with zirconia-reinforced lithium silicate: a case report by A Srinivas, G Brock

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Tooth wear is becoming an increasingly common cause for referral to restorative dentistry departments in the UK. Often, these cases are treated with resin-bonded composite direct restorations in the first instance. This article presents a case of 23-year-old patient who was treated using...  Read more

P912  Oral surgery:  Management of patients on oral anticoagulants in dental practice by S Nathwani

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The UK has an increasingly ageing population and, inevitably, the prevalence of anticoagulation among dental patients will grow. This same group of patients are retaining their natural teeth longer and will potentially require dental treatment and oral surgical procedures and so, general dental...  Read more

P924  Dental Emergencies:  Challenges in Remote versus Clinical Pain Diagnoses for an Orthodontic Patient during the 2020 COVID-19 Crisis by S Pai, PJ Turner, D Green

Challenges arose in ascertaining accurate diagnoses for patients via remote phone triage during the COVID-19 crisis in 2020. We report on a case that highlights possible pitfalls in remote consultation versus chairside contact in making clinical diagnoses and illustrates a complication that may...  Read more

P928  Restorative dentistry:  Dentinogenesis Imperfecta: Development of Treatment Strategies over 40 Years by C Forbes-Haley, S Nandra, S Bhola, A Najran

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Dentinogenesis Imperfecta (DI) is an inherited autosomal dominant disorder of dentine formation, which affects both primary and permanent dentitions. This paper discusses four cases of DI within one family over three generations and illustrates how increased knowledge of this condition and...  Read more

P935  Oral surgery:  Foreign Body Surgery in the Inferior Alveolar Nerve Canal Following Endodontic Treatment by KK Blackhall, Y Khoo, IP Downie

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Endodontic treatment can result in the extrusion of dental sealant material beyond the apex of a tooth. Dental sealant materials are known to have potentially cytotoxic properties and can cause damage to biological structures. This article describes the case of a patient who had experienced a...  Read more

P940  Paediatric dentistry:  Restoration of the fractured permanent incisor in young patients by F Noble, H Jessica Rogers, C Deery

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This article describes the immediate and definitive options for treating a child or young person presenting with a fractured permanent incisor. Furthermore, it considers three common clinical problems that dentists may encounter when restoring these teeth, and provides advice on how to overcome...  Read more

P946  Paediatric dentistry:  Resorption of maxillary first permanent molars by impacted maxillary second premolars: a case series by I Heliotis, M Gakhal, R Whatling

Although rare, resorption of the first permanent molar caused by impaction of the second premolar does occur. Three paediatric patients with impacted upper second premolars, distinct symptoms and signs of resorption are described. One case with clear resorption of the upper molar on initial...  Read more

P951  Orthodontics:  Update on tooth notation, guidelines for extraction and a new technique for extractions: intra-oral dental marking by K Patel, HG Jeremiah, A Barber

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Effective communication is required when referring patients for extractions and surgical procedures. There are multiple notation systems used for the identification of teeth, making communication for dental extractions challenging. The aim of this article is to provide an overview of the methods...  Read more

P956  Oral surgery:  The true cost of dental implant tourism: a case report by J Greval, L Motaleb, S Bhatia

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Many patients travel abroad seeking cosmetic dental treatment, in particular dental implants. However, there are hundreds of dental implant systems being used globally by dentists of all training backgrounds. Furthermore, complications can occur that patients may expect their general dental...  Read more

P960  Paediatric dentistry:  Paediatric dental treatment under inhalation sedation by a therapist in secondary care: an audit by E Palmer, S-J Campbell, L Foo

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We investigated the success of paediatric dental treatment under inhalation sedation (IHS) with nitrous oxide completed by a dental therapist, as an alternative to general anaesthesia (GA) in secondary care. We found that 94% of had treatment successfully completed under IHS by a therapist. These...  Read more

P964  COVID-19:  SARS CoV-2, and disinfectants and antiseptics in dentistry by L Samaranayake, J Wen Wei Chang

Antiseptics and disinfectants are an integral part of our life in the 'new normal' era. How much do we know of these chemicals, some of which are rather toxic, and may even reduce fertility on prolonged exposure? In this COVID-19 commentary, the authors evaluate the quality of the commonly used...  Read more

P969  Letters to the Editor:  Letters to the Editor by V Ketheeswaranathan

We present a case report on polymorphous adenocarcinoma of the palate diagnosed during the COVID‑19 pandemic.   Read more

P972  Technique Tips:  The Battle of the Lower Molar Extraction Forceps: Cowhorn versus Eagle Beak by S Singh Rehal, P Shoker

The goal of any dentist when carrying out a tooth extraction is to ensure ease of removal with minimal force in a swift manner that preserves socket integrity, minimizes trauma and improves the patients’ trust in the surgical ability of the operator.  Read more