31st May 2022 @7pm
Composite v Amalgam
Louis MacKenzie
Sponsored by the Oral Health Foundation


7th June 2022 @7pm
NHS vs Private Dentistry
Iain Stevenson, Nigel Jones, Mike Blenkharn & Aaron Prested
Sponsored by Wesleyan


8th June 2022 @7pm
Biomimetic Restorations Simplified
Hussein Patanwala
Sponsored by GC


14th June 2022 @7pm
How the pandemic has changed our mouths - The oral health aftermath
Lottie Manahan
Sponsored by Waterpik


15th June 2022 @7pm
Senior Radiation Protection Adviser & Medical Physics Expert
Neil Pick
Sponsored by DD


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Issue: Volume 47 Number 5 - May 2020

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P382  CPD:  NOTICE by N/A

N/A  Read more

P385  Editorial:  Chronology of a COVID-19 infection by T Burke

I daresay the question asked by most people who become infected with this dreadful virus is &; How the heck did I get this? My first signs of infection appeared on St Patrick’s Day (17 March, now forever etched in my mind).   Read more


P386  Guest Editorial:  Proposal for a Strategy and Staged Return to Dentistry for UK General Dental Practice by L Wordley, J Wordley

Since the shutdown of UK dentistry on the 25 March 2020, at the time of writing, regional health teams have worked tirelessly to set up 219 Urgent Dental Centres (UDCs) to treat those in the population facing the very worst dental emergencies. They should be greatly commended for this effort.  Read more

P388  Book Review:  Case Guides to Complete and Partial Denture Prosthodontics by A Robin Wilding, PAD Walmsley

This book is based on 11 case guides that take the reader through the workflow and activity of providing removable prostheses. The book is orientated to the clinical technique for manufacturing removable dentures and goes into detail of how each case was treated.   Read more

P389  Guest Editorial:  Written Evidence to a Select Committee by M Kelleher

In 2019, a Parliamentary select committee inquiry was established to examine the state of UK dentistry.  Read more

P396  Restorative dentistry:  Removable Prosthodontics for the Management of Severe Toothwear by L Addy, M Thomas, C Cummings, E King

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Toothwear is becoming increasingly more common for dentists to manage as the population is maintaining its teeth for longer. A large proportion of cases can be managed by means of adhesive dentistry in conjunction with preventive advice. There are, however, patients with severe toothwear alone, or...  Read more

P405  Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery:  The Maxillary Sinus: What the General Dental Team Need to Know Part 2: Removal of Teeth; Avoidance and Management of Complications by GW Bell, I MacLeod, JC Darcey, C Campbell

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In the second of this 4-part series we will discuss the removal of teeth closely related to the maxillary sinus, with identification and reduction of risk factors for oro-antral communication and the management of complications.  Read more

P415  Pharmacology:  The Recognition and Management of Patients who Overdose on Analgesics Secondary to Dental Pain by J Lopez, M Greenwood

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Paracetamol, Ibuprofen and Codeine are all analgesics that patients in dental pain often use in an attempt to manage their symptoms. Consequently, cases of analgesic overdose may present to dental practitioners. It is vital that clinicians are able to identify these cases and assess if transfer to...  Read more

P421  Orthodontics:  Orthodontic Bonded Retainers: a Narrative Review by MJ Meade, DT Millett

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Indefinite retention is now considered essential to prevent relapse after orthodontic treatment. Compliance with removable retainer wear is suboptimal and appears to decline with time post-treatment. As a result, use of bonded retainers may become more commonplace in the future. In this narrative...  Read more

P433  Oral surgery:  The Role of the General Dental Practitioner in the Management of Mandibular Fractures by GK Hans, S Bhola, Z Ahmad

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Mandibular fractures are a common presentation to emergency departments in hospital. Although the majority of mandibular fractures are treated in secondary care, General Dental Practitioners (GDPs) should have the basic knowledge to be able to support fracture patients in practice, whether that is...  Read more

P440  Medical Emergency:  Two Eyes, Two Fingers, Two Minutes: Making It Easier to Recognize and Manage Medical Emergencies in Dental Practice Part 2: Algorithms to Guide Treatment using the M-DEWS2 Tool by J Morse, SJ Bonsor

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In the second of two papers on the recognition and management of potential medical emergencies that may occur in the dental clinic setting, the development of new algorithms to assist in making it easier for members of the dental team to recognize and treat such situations will be discussed. Used...  Read more

P452  Letters to the Editor:  Letters to the Editor by J Woolley, Más Dave, F Coulthard, P Coulthard, N Patel, et al

We present here a case of a patient with necrotizing gingivitis associated with a suspected COVID-19 infection.  Read more

P455  'I Learnt About Dentistry From That':  'I learnt about Dentistry from that' by N/A

Readers are encouraged to submit clinical experiences, good and bad, in a culture of open reporting, so that other clinicians will learn from these experiences. Unlike articles in Dental Update, in which published articles are peer reviewed by two experts in the field of the article, this page is...  Read more

P456  Technique Tips:  Replantation and Stabilization of Avulsed Permanent Teeth by K Horisk, L Gartshore

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Traumatic dental injuries (TDIs) are common, affecting almost 1 in 10 children with permanent incisors and, unlike dental caries, are not associated with socioeconomic status.  Read more