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FIPO – Functional Indirect posterior Onlays – Concept Part 1

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Dr Riaz Yar and Nik Sethi 


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Issue: Volume 46 Number 2 - February 2019

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P97  Editorial:  The monthly charm quotient by FJT Burke

It has long been considered that dentists need to be good communicators with an ability to be empathic towards their patients, and it has also long been considered that dentistry is a stressful occupation.  Read more


P100  Restorative dentistry:  The Application of Occlusion in Clinical Practice Part 3: Practical Application of the Essential Concepts in Clinical Occlusion by S Banerji, S Mehta

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Parts 1 and 2 of this series of articles addressed the clinical assessment of a patient’s occlusal scheme and, where indicated, noted the appropriate occlusal records required to permit further evaluations to take place. This article will focus on the clinical application of the principles...  Read more

P113  Dental public health:  Childsmile after 10 Years Part 1: Background, Theory and Principles by LMD Macpherson, J Rodgers, DI Conway

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Childsmile is the national child oral health improvement programme for Scotland. It was developed as pilots from 2006/7 in response to the public health challenge of poor child oral health. Childsmile recognizes the importance of the social determinants of health, and takes common risk factor and...  Read more

P119  Mental Health/Periodontitis:  The Oral Implications of Mental Health Disorders Part 2: Depression by N Patel, M Milward

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This is the second of two articles that look at the oral manifestations of mental health disorders. Part 1 focused on eating disorders, covering anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder. It explained each condition, common associated habits and explored the possible oral signs...  Read more

P125  New Technologies:  A Review of Additive Manufacturing in Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics Part 1: Basic Principles by P Shanmukh Srinivas, A TS, P MG

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The field of science and research is dynamic and the scientific discipline of restorative dentistry and endodontics is no exception. The practice of dentistry and the technology involved has evolved tremendously from the traditional to the contemporary. As a result of continual...  Read more

P133  Medicine in Dentistry:  Oral and Dental Management for People with Lymphoma by H Abed, N Nizarali, M Burke

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A lymphoma is a solid neoplasm that arises in lymphoid tissues and spreads to distant lymphoid glands and organs. Functional lymphocytes circulate the body in the lymphatic system as a part of the immune system. In lymphoma, proliferated abnormal lymphocytes collect in the lymphatic glands and...  Read more

P151  Prosthodontics:  Management of the Extraction Socket and Alveolar Ridge Preservation by W Anderson, A Pye

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An understanding of the changes which occur to the alveolar ridge following an extraction are important in the era of dental implants, and these changes can have a huge impact on the simplicity and invasiveness of dental implant treatment. It has been demonstrated that certain techniques and...  Read more

P158  Dental Anatomy:  Taurodontism Part 1: History, Aetiology and Molecular Signalling, Epidemiology and Classification by M Hasan

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Taurodontism is a developmental morphological anomaly that affects the internal anatomy of the multi-rooted teeth; hence, it is difficult to distinguish from a normal tooth structure based only on external appearance. In this defect, the teeth have elongated and cylindrical pulp cavities, a deep...  Read more

P166  Periodontics/Oral Medicine:  A Case of Florid Pregnancy Gingivitis by L Hua, M Locke

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The aim of this case is to demonstrate an exaggerated appearance and subsequent management of a florid combination of pregnancy gingivitis and multiple pregnancy epulides. Pregnancy-associated periodontal conditions constitute benign overgrowth that histologically may be indistinguishable from...  Read more

P171  Tooth Wear Risk Assessment:  Practice-Based Risk Assessment - a Practical Guide for Oral Healthcare Teams: Tooth Wear by S O'Toole, P Mylonas, D Bartlett

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This paper discusses the presence of, and interplay between, erosion, abrasion and attrition as risk factors of tooth wear progression. The Basic Erosive Wear Examination is recommended as a simple practice-based screening tool to integrate into a risk assessment. Finally, the risk indicators are...  Read more

P180  Paediatric dentistry:  Life-Threatening Paediatric Odontogenic Cellulitis Secondary to a Partially Erupted Primary Molar by L Richardson, U Devalia

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A 15-month-old male was admitted to hospital with a facial swelling of unknown origin which was of rapid onset over three hours, resulting in airway occlusion and septic shock. Ultimately, the swelling was found to be of odontogenic origin and was managed with high dose intra-venous antibiotics....  Read more

P184  Letters to the Editor:  Letters to the Editor by D Darshini Ramasubbu, D Sara Harford, D Brett Duane, D Frances Mortimer

I read with interest the article entitled ‘Green Dentistry in 2018?’ by Trevor Burke, published in your September 2018 issue. It was great to see prevention being highlighted as the key to environmentally sustainable dentistry, and the growing concern over single-use plastic items in healthcare.  Read more

P189  Technique Tips:  A Look-Alike for the Surgery Composite Heater by J Sadiq, FJT Burke

Resin composite materials are the gold standard aesthetic materials currently used in dentistry for restorations in anterior and posterior teeth.  Read more

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