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Issue: Volume 45 Number 9 - October 2018

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P793  Editorial:  The dental travails of Virginia Woolf by T Burke

In common with the readers of Dental Update, I spend a lot of time reading scientific papers, directives and the general stuff of professional life, plus, in my case, all the articles which are submitted by our wonderful authors to this journal.   Read more


P795  Paediatric dentistry:  Speech and the Dental Interface by AC Hyde, L Moriarty, AG Morgan, LM Elsharkasi, C Deery

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This article outlines how sounds are produced and how speech and language develop, in the child. The assessment of speech by a speech and language therapist is briefly described. It then discusses the evidence for an impact of occlusion, and the loss or absence of teeth on speech. In summary, there...  Read more

P804  General Practice:  Just Ask 'Could This Be Sepsis?' by D Gillway, L Cheng

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It is not uncommon for patients with odontogenic and non-odontogenic infection to present in general dental practice. Untreated infection can lead to life-threatening sepsis. This article aims to advise general dental practitioners on the relevance of sepsis and highlight the recent published NICE...  Read more

P811  Orthodontic-Restorative Dentistry Interface:  Orthodontic/Restorative Interface Part 2 by S Hosni, J Darcey, OH Malik

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Establishing optimal aesthetics, function and periodontal health in patients with missing teeth is a complex and challenging process, which demands the interaction of several dental specialties for effective multidisciplinary management. The most frequent scenario encountered within the...  Read more

P828  Prosthodontics:  The Aesthetic Prosthodontic Management of Periodontally Involved Teeth by DP Laverty, D Green, JJJ Van Rensburg

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There are a number of aesthetic issues that may occur as a result of periodontal disease and/or its management and it is a common motivation for patients to seek treatment, particularly when it affects the anterior teeth due to their prominence within the dentition. Clinicians and patients are...  Read more

P841  Risk Management:  Oral Health Risk Assessment by L Chapple, Z Yonel

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Evidence shows that the use of validated risk assessment tools helps healthcare professionals to predict patients’ likelihood of developing a disease with greater accuracy. Risk assessment tools have been shown to be beneficial in assisting professionals to communicate findings to patients. The...  Read more

P848  Dental Trauma:  Sports Mouthguards and Orthodontic Treatment by MJ Meade

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It is recommended that all those participating in sports involving physical contact wear a sports mouthguard (MG) to prevent or reduce the severity of dental trauma. Fixed orthodontic appliances are potentially an additional risk factor for traumatic dental injuries during sports participation....  Read more

P860  Oral surgery:  Effects of Music on Patient Anxiety during Surgery: Literature Review by A Gupta, B Ahmed

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The dental surgery induces some degree of anxiety in many patients: 12% of the UK adult population who had visited a dentist were extremely dentally anxious. Such patients can be unco-operative and difficult to manage as they avoid dental visits and suffer a greater amount of dental disease....  Read more

P874  Orthodontics:  Fixed Versus Removable Appliances – Which One to Choose? by M Elhussein, J Sandler

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The use of removable appliances in modern clinical orthodontic practice can generally be considered an out-dated treatment modality for managing malocclusions. Their use and popularity has declined considerably largely due to their inefficiency at achieving significant quality tooth movement. There...  Read more

P882  Paediatric dentistry:  Pre-Eruptive Diagnosis and Management of Occlusal Dens Evaginatus in Premolar Teeth by I Levisianos, L Foo, DS Gill

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Dens evaginatus is an uncommon dental aberration that occurs primarily on the occlusal surfaces of premolar teeth. Developmentally, it is similar to a talon cusp, though the latter manifests on the palatal or lingual surfaces of anterior teeth. Its anatomical location is often the central fossa of...  Read more

P891  Updates from America:  Safely Going Home: Avoiding Cross-Contamination by C John Palenik†

Dentistry often involves procedures that employ 3-way syringes, high-speed handpieces and ultrasonic scalers, the use of which can generate aerosols, droplets and spatter containing patients’ blood, plaque, saliva and tooth and dental materials.  Read more

P893  Technique Tips:  Improving Uptake of Oral Hygiene Instructions by P Ower

It can often be a challenge getting patients to improve their oral hygiene techniques, especially if they develop periodontal problems later in life and have to change the habits of a lifetime.  Read more