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Issue: Volume 45 Number 6 - June 2018

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P481  Editorial:  A restorative issue by T Burke

The British Society for Restorative Dentistry (BSRD) celebrates the 50th anniversary of its founding in May of this year, so it was a special honour when its members agreed to provide the articles for this commemorative issue of Dental Update.  Read more

P482  Guest Editorial:  BSRD 50th Anniversary by K Hemmings

On the 9th April 1968 a new society was inaugurated for restorative dentistry.  Read more


P483  Restorative dentistry:  Tooth Wear Guidelines for the BSRD Part 1: Aetiology, Diagnosis and Prevention by K Hemmings, A Truman, S Shah, R Chauhan

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Tooth wear (TW) is a common condition affecting patients who often require advice and treatment from dentists.  Read more

P496  Periodontics:  Prognostication in Periodontics – Science or Art? by P Ower

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It has long been assumed that clinicians are able to predict the course of periodontal disease and advise patients about the longevity of individual teeth; the evidence challenges this concept and suggests that clinicians are unable to do this with any certainty. Periodontal therapy can be highly...  Read more

P506  Restorative dentistry:  Endodontics or Implants? by J Fuller, P Briggs, G Bourne

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When faced with a tooth that is failing due to pulpal or periapical infection, a difficult treatment planning decision must be made between retention of the tooth through endodontic treatment or extraction and potential replacement with a dental implant. Survival rates for these treatment...  Read more

P522  Oral surgery:  Trigeminal Nerve Injuries Related to Restorative Treatment by T Renton

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Restorative dentistry provides many opportunities to cause trigeminal nerve damage. Chronic post-surgical pain, resulting from nerve damage, is rarely associated with dentistry as a result of local anaesthetic (LA) infiltration injections but is more commonly associated with injuries to the nerve...  Read more

P541  Restorative dentistry:  An Evidence-Based Evaluation of Contemporary Dental Ceramics by TE Donovan, I Abd Alraheam, TA Sulaiman

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Based on data from three recently published laboratory surveys with large numbers of different types of contemporary ceramic restorations, specific indications and contra-indications are given. The indications are based on longevity data, aesthetic expectations, tooth position, level of...  Read more

P547  Restorative dentistry:  Minimally Invasive Adhesive Full Mouth Reconstruction of a Patient with Amelogenesis Imperfecta by M Mazinanian

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The successful management of patients with amelogenesis imperfecta has traditionally involved use of conventional more destructive methods. Amelogenesis imperfecta has a prevalence of 1:700 to 1:14,000, according to the populations studied.1 The affected enamel can be hypomineralized and/or...  Read more

P557  Patient-Centred Care:  Patient-Centred Care: How Close To This Are We? by JS Kalsi, KW Hemmings, SJ Cunningham

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This article focuses on those aspects of patient-centred care which are relevant to dentistry. Understanding motivating factors and patient expectations of treatment are fundamental in the provision of high quality care. Ensuring that patients have realistic expectations can be enhanced by...  Read more

P569  Restorative dentistry:  A Contemporary Approach for the Management of Generalized Tooth Wear by M Habib Aldashti

This paper describes the treatment of a 39-year-old female patient with generalized tooth wear. The causes of the tooth wear were identified and controlled. Following diagnostic planning, a full mouth reconstruction at an increased vertical dimension utilizing a reorganized approach was carried...  Read more

P579  Minamata:  Minamata: What the practising dentist needs to know by FJT Burke

The Minamata Convention on mercury is a global treaty, signed by the UK and over one hundred countries on October 2013 with the intention of protecting human health and the environment from the adverse effects of mercury, for example, by limiting the use of mercury from all sources, including LED...  Read more

P581  Technique Tips:  Minamata: What patients need to know by FJT Burke, L Mackenzie

The previous two papers provided dentists with details of the potential impact on dentists of the Minamata Agreement.   Read more