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Issue: Volume 45 Number 2 - February 2018

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P89  Editorial:  An example to all? by T Burke

Some readers will be, painfully, aware that litigation against dentists continues to rise. For those who have not been affected, this has been estimated to be rising at over 10% per annum in England, less in Scotland.  Read more


P90  Restorative dentistry:  A Contemporary Approach to the Provision of Tooth-Supported Fixed Prostheses Part 2: Fixed Bridges Where the Abutment Teeth Require Minimal or No Preparation by R Ibbetson

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Fixed tooth replacement is a central part of prosthodontic care for patients. The approach and options for treatment have changed due to the decrease in dental disease in the population and the impact of the osseo-integrated implant. Despite the impact of the dental implant, there remain...  Read more

P102  Oral Surgery /Restorative Dentistry:  Medication-Related OsteoNecrosis of the Jaw (MRONJ): Realities, Risks and Responsibilities by L Rasaratnam, M Kelleher, S Taylor

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Considerable concern and confusion exists about Medication-Related OsteoNecrosis of the Jaw (MRONJ) which can be a painful, prolonged and debilitating condition caused by the death of jaw bone. The most common class of drugs causing this rare problem is the bisphosphonate group of drugs, which...  Read more

P120  Medicine in Dentistry:  The Impact of Diabetes on Treatment in General Dental Practice by V Yeung, J Chandan

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Diabetes is a chronic disease currently known to affect at least 5% of the UK’s population and is expected to continue to increase in prevalence. The disease has significant effects on the immune system and increases inflammatory responses. Diabetes affects various parts of everyday general dental...  Read more

P130  Case report:  Ten Year Follow-up of a Trauma Case Treated in General Practice by P Sands

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Traumatic injuries to teeth are commonplace and can result in significant morbidity and aesthetic disfigurement. If the patient has not reached maturity at the time of the injury, efforts should be made to delay the provision of definitive indirect restorations until adulthood and the orofacial...  Read more

P135  Paediatric dentistry:  Management of an Incidental Radiographic Finding of a Severely Infraoccluded Primary Molar by S Gahder Atia, V Elton, K Woodmason

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Infraocclusion is a term that is used to describe a tooth that is positioned below the occlusal plane owing to a failure of continued eruption. It can be associated with both the primary and the secondary dentition. However, infraocclusion occurs most frequently in the primary dentition with a...  Read more

P141  Orthodontics:  Lingual Orthodontics – Clinical Applications and Patient Information by AT Shelton, T Hodge, P Scott

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The demand for adult orthodontic treatment is an ever-increasing trend that has driven the development of aesthetic orthodontic systems. Lingual orthodontic appliances provide the ultimate in aesthetics and their use has grown with the development of the appliances. The clinical application of...  Read more

P150  Oral medicine:  The Risks of Delayed Oral Cancer Detection in Primary Care by P Shah, R Pandya, T Mirza, C-H Chan

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Oral malignancy necessitates early detection for a better prognosis. Clinical presentation may vary, from a small mucosal lesion with benign clinical features to a large ulcerated mass with considerable local destruction. The case of a 46-year-old patient presenting to a dental access centre with...  Read more

P155  Surgical Endodontics:  Surgical Root Perforation Repair with Guided Tissue Regeneration: A Case Report by R Joshi, MBM Thomas

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A 43-year-old male reported with pain and swelling in the maxillary anterior region as a result of iatrogenic perforation of his right maxillary central incisor tooth. After attempted internal repair, surgical management was required due to repair material extrusion. Removal of the extruded...  Read more

P164  Maxillofacial Surgery/ Orthodontics:  A Case Report of Horner’s Syndrome Presenting Post Bimaxillary Osteotomy by M Kidner, O Hussain, A Shelton, P Scott

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Bimaxillary osteotomy is a surgical procedure used to correct dentofacial deformity. Although the complication rates are low, there are some rare but serious complications of this procedure.1 This article looks at the recognized complications of orthognathic surgery and describes a previously...  Read more

P172  Technique Tips:  Microabrasion and Patient Advice Concerning Toothbrush Care by R Chawla, A Patel, S Dunkley, C John Palenik

Enamel defects are relatively common in anterior teeth and may cause aesthetic concern for a patient. They can present as white, yellow-brown or brown opacities. These opacities can have a profound effect on patients’ self-esteem and confidence.   Read more