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Why Digital? by Dr Kunal Patel

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Why Invisalign? by Dr Monik Vasant

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Wed 28th October 2020 @7pm

FIPO – Functional Indirect posterior Onlays – Concept Part 1 by Dr Riaz Yar and Nik Sethi

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In chair patient conversation by Dr Affan Saghir

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What patients want by Dr Rhona Eskander

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Issue: Volume 44 Number 9 - October 2017

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P806  Editorial:  End of the road for the randomized controlled trial in restorative dentistry? by T Burke

Satisfactory survival of restorations is central to good practice, not only because unfulfilled patient expectations may lead to adverse medicolegal circumstances, but also because third party funders, managers and governments may also be inquisitive as to the performance of clinicians in their...  Read more

P809  Editorial:  Prescribing Antibiotics in the US by D Charles John Palenik

Antibiotics are powerful agents for fighting illness and disease. However, they have been used so widely and for so long that infectious organisms have adapted to them, making the drugs less effective.   Read more


P810  Restorative dentistry:  Immediate Management of the Single-Unit Extracted Tooth in the Anterior Aesthetic Zone - Temporizing/Stabilizing Tissues by GE Bryce, ND MacBeth, KW Hemmings

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The loss of a tooth within the aesthetic zone presents surgical and restorative challenges to the clinician. The immediate management of the extraction site must meet the patients’ aesthetic aspirations whilst optimizing the healing of the alveolar bone and gingival tissues, to facilitate future...  Read more

P821  Dental Anatomy/Restorative Dentistry:  Tooth Anatomy: A Practical Guide Part 2: Drawing Anterior Teeth by L Mackenzie

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Understanding the anatomy of anterior and posterior teeth is important as the main aims of restorative dentistry are to restore the form, function and often the aesthetics of damaged teeth. The appearance of individual anterior teeth is complex and variable. The three most important aesthetic...  Read more

P833  Paediatric dentistry:  Serendipity on Bitewing Radiographs by G Celine, S Wong, R Anthonappa, NM King

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An odontoma is described as a hamartoma, which is usually classified as a benign tumour. This clinical report will describe an unusual presentation of an odontoma in the mandibular primary molar region and highlight the importance of a comprehensive clinical and radiographic examination. A...  Read more

P838  Oral surgery:  Articaine-only Buccal Infiltrations for Mandibular Molar Extractions: An Alternative to Inferior Dental Nerve Blocks by DH Awal, Z Yilmaz, S Osailan, T Renton

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This article assesses the efficacy of the articaine-only buccal infiltration technique (AOBIT) in providing LA for adult mandibular molar extractions. In 112 patients the AOBIT effectiveness was judged against the need for repeat or supplemental infiltrations and rescue 2% lidocaine inferior dental...  Read more

P846  Restorative dentistry:  Tooth Wear and Occlusal Ageing by B Daniel Murchie

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Occlusal changes occur slowly throughout each person’s lifetime via the process of physiological tooth wear (TW). Importantly, once the occlusal scheme has been irreversibly changed beyond a certain point, then a chain reaction of restoration failures may commence. The trigger varies for each...  Read more

P852  OralSurgery/Prosthodontics:  Implant-Supported Prosthetic Rehabilitation after Surgical Management of an Odontogenic Tumour of the Mandible by D Ofluoglu, S Ergun, B Guzelbey, H Tanyeri

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n adenomatoid odontogenic tumour (AOT) is an uncommon, benign, slow-growing tumour which is usually located in the anterior region of the maxilla without pain and represents 2.2−7.1% of all odontogenic tumours. An AOT often causes expansion of surrounding bone and displacement of adjacent...  Read more

P863  Periodontics:  Carbamide Peroxide and Its Use in Oral Hygiene and Health by J Greenwall-Cohen, L Greenwall

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Plaque accumulation, dental caries and periodontal disease are an increasing concern for elderly, special care and orthodontic patients as a result of numerous predisposing factors which make maintenance of adequate oral hygiene difficult, even with traditional oral hygiene practices. This article...  Read more

P870  Immunology:  The Immune System: Basis of so much Health and Disease: 7. Antibodies by C Scully, EA Georgakopoulou, Y Hassona

The immune system is the body’s primary defence mechanism against infections, and disturbances in the system can cause disease if the system fails in defence functions (in immunocompromised people), or if the activity is detrimental to the host (as in auto-immune and auto-inflammatory states). A...  Read more

P877  Oral Microbiology:  Oral Hygiene as a Risk Factor in Infective Endocarditis by JA Haworth, RG Mears, HF Jenkinson, SW Kerrigan, AH Nobbs

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There are many known associations between oral and systemic diseases. This review paper summarizes the proposed mechanisms underlying the links between dental disease and cardiovascular disease before introducing recent research regarding bacteria-platelet interactions. New protein factors have...  Read more

P892  Complaint Handling:  Love Your Complaints - Hindsight is a Great Thing by J Brooks

This article describes the use of reflection, and particularly reflective models, to harness the concept of hindsight as a way of deepening insight and learning from experience to minimize serious complaints.  Read more

P898  Orthodontics:  Dentofacial Features of 'En Coup De Sabre' – A Case Report by JAB Deans, J Jones, SJ Merrett

‘En coup de sabre’ or morphea, is a linear scleroderma that typically affects the frontoparietal region of patients resulting in a band-like scar that looks like a sword cut across the face. This case report describes a 13-year-old male patient with a history of ‘en coup de sabre’ referred to a...  Read more

P904  Oral surgery:  Radicular Cyst Expansion over a 10-year Period – A Case Report by V Mistry, M Imran Suida, A Dalghous

This article aims to illustrate and discuss the risks of failing to treat a radicular cyst appropriately. Here we report a 23-year-old male patient who sustained dental trauma to his maxillary anterior teeth on more than one occasion. The changes involved with the patient’s dentition and expansion...  Read more

P908  Technique Tips:  Technique Tips Information for Patients Receiving Resin-Bonded Bridges by S Cottam, C Durkan

Designs for resin-bonded bridges (also known as resin-retained bridges) have evolved since their first incarnation as the Rochette bridge, progressing to the Maryland design in order to improve micromechanical retention and longevity of the bridge.1 Resin cements allow chemical adhesion of the...  Read more