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Why Digital? by Dr Kunal Patel

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Why Invisalign? by Dr Monik Vasant

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FIPO – Functional Indirect posterior Onlays – Concept Part 1 by Dr Riaz Yar and Nik Sethi

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In chair patient conversation by Dr Affan Saghir

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What patients want by Dr Rhona Eskander

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Issue: Volume 44 Number 6 - June 2017

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P473  Guest Editorial:  Dental Faculty RCPSG: How a Royal College has evolved to address the needs of the dental professional by WMM Jenkins, G Richard Ogden, L Cranwell

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Welcome to this special Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow (RCPSG) edition of Dental Update. The Royal College was founded on the 29 November 1599 with the grant of a charter from James VI given jointly to a distinguished surgeon, Peter Lowe (Figure 1), a physician, Robert Hamilton...  Read more


P476  Dental public health:  The UK Soft Drinks Industry Levy: Implications for Dental Health by C Jones, N Craig, N Anand

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A Soft Drinks Industry Levy on sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs) was announced in the Westminster budget on 16 March 2016. The UK Government plans to introduce the SSB levy in 2018, with legislation enacted in 2017. The aim of the levy is ‘…..to give companies plenty of space to change their product...  Read more

P486  Restorative dentistry:  Long-Term Complications of Dental Trauma by BC Burns, LE Crane, VE Hannah

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Dental injuries are a relatively common occurrence and need to be managed well in general dental practice in order to produce the most favourable outcome for patients. Dental practitioners should familiarize themselves with the guidelines provided by the International Association of Dental...  Read more

P495  General Dental practice:  Alcohol and the Dental Team: Relevance, Risk, Role and Responsibility by S Shepherd, G Ogden

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An enquiry about alcohol use, whenever a patient presents for dental treatment, is now firmly established within the taking of a social history. Dental professionals are well placed to provide relevant alcohol advice. Indeed, it is now embedded within the training of undergraduates as required by...  Read more

P502  Tooth Wear:  Tooth Wear: Screening, Diagnosis and Management in General Dental Practice by V Ka Cheong Yim

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Recent epidemiological data shows that the prevalence of tooth wear (TW) is increasing. Current available assessment tools are either too complicated to carry out on every patient or inadequate in identifying the nature of the condition. Moreover, early onset or localized lesions may be overlooked....  Read more

P518  Indemnity:  A Case for the Defence! by A Craig

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This paper discusses the work of a mutual dental defence organization in assisting its members who request support in relation to professional difficulties. Various cases are discussed in terms of help and support provided, including an explanation of the outcome and how, where adverse, this could...  Read more

P522  Forensic Dentistry:  Forensic Dentistry Now and in the Future by S Manica, A Forgie

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Forensic dentistry (odontology) deals with the examination, handling and presentation of dental evidence for the legal system. In the UK this work mainly involves criminal cases but in many other countries its remit also extends to civil litigation. There are four main aspects to forensic...  Read more

P532  Patient Management/Preventive Dentistry:  ’Educating the Educated’: A Report of an Undergraduate Medical Student with Multiple Carious Lesions and Poor Dietary Habits by A Singh Dhadwal, A Baysan

It is evident in the undergraduate dental curriculum that competent dental students are expected to have a broad knowledge of the intricacies of the human body and its relationship with the oral cavity, but the same cannot be guaranteed for medical students. This case report of a medical...  Read more

P541  Paediatric Dentistry/Behavioural Management:  Low Level Light Therapy in the Management of Paediatric Oral and Oropharyngeal Mucositis by F McDowall, N O’Murchu, R Welbury

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Oral and oropharyngeal mucositis is a common, debilitating condition experienced by patients undergoing oncology treatment. There are many different management strategies, with low level light therapy (LLLT) an emerging field. Ongoing research on the topic of LLLT for mucositis has resulted in LLLT...  Read more

P549  Oral medicine:  Let’s Talk about Mouth Cancer − The Story and the Facts by N Mc Goldrick, O Ni Choileain, EC MacKessack-Leitch, S Sammut, V Lopes

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Let’s Talk About Mouth Cancer is a Scottish charity set up by a group of healthcare professionals with the aim of improving the prognosis of a patient diagnosed with mouth cancer. This article will present the charity’s award winning oral health campaigns and the various methods used to empower...  Read more

P558  Orthodontics and Periodontics:  Orthodontic and Periodontal Multidisciplinary Care by G Pye, A Pye

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Patients who are at risk of, or have a history of, periodontal disease requesting orthodontic treatment require careful multidisciplinary management in order to achieve optimal orthodontic and periodontal outcomes. An understanding of the periodontal tissues and the disease processes that can...  Read more

P564  Oral medicine:  Desquamative Gingivitis – Aetiology, Diagnosis and Management by L Winning, A Willis, B Mullally, C Irwin

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The diagnosis and classification of mucosal disease for the busy general dental practitioner can be difficult since many mucosal diseases present with a similar oral appearance. The term desquamative gingivitis (DG) is often used as a descriptive term because the aetiology of the inflammation may...  Read more

P571  Patient-Centred Care:  Whistleblowing in the NHS − Freedom to Speak Up: A Summary by A Berman, G Ogden

Health Professionals have a duty of care to raise a concern if they believe a patient is at risk of harm. However, these interventions are not always welcomed by authorities. Sir Robert Francis’ review, 'Freedom to Speak Up', published in 2015, was designed to address the reporting culture in the...  Read more

P576  Letters to the Editor:  Letters to the Editor by N Bradley, D Simons, S Sulugodu Ramachandra, O Farouq

We present a curious case of a patient referred by the GDP to the local Oral and Maxillofacial unit. The patient had been urgently referred due to an exophytic growth in a post-operative LR6 extraction socket.  Read more

P579  Clinical Challenges Q&A:  Clinical Challenges Q&A 32. Painless Genital and Oral Lesions by D Malamos, C Scully

A 58-year-old MSM (man who has sex with men) HIV +ve patient presented with asyptomatic lesions on his tongue over one week. Clinical intra-oral examination revealed only two superficial ulcerations covered with whitish pseudomembrane and located in the dorsum (Figure 1) and in the ventral surface...  Read more

P580  Technique Tips:  The Use of an Option Grid to Present the Treatment Modalities for Replacing Missing Teeth in Anterior Regions by N Al-Hadi

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Shared decision-making is an important aspect of Dentistry which is required in everyday practice. When discussing the options for replacing missing anterior teeth, dentists may give vague explanations without providing a clear overall view of the modalities available. An option grid, utilizing...  Read more