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Issue: Volume 43 Number 5 - June 2016

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P405  Guest Editorial:  Dental Olympians, 2016 by FJT Burke

our years ago, with the London Games upcoming, I wrote, in a Dental Olympians Comment, about the rise of zirconia as a base material for crowns and bridges. Whether this has continued to make inroads into the metal ceramic market is uncertain. I also wrote about the possibility of the dental...  Read more


P406  BPE Guidelines:  BPE Guidelines: British Society of Periodontology Revision 2016 by P Ower

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In 1985 the Fédération Dentaire Internationale (FDI) developed a simplified periodontal screening examination for dental practice, based on the World Health Organization (WHO) Community Periodontal Index for Treatment Needs (CPITN) index that was then used to assess levels of periodontal diseases...  Read more

P410  Restorative dentistry:  Implant Dentistry in General Practice Part 1: Introduction by K Nicholson

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This paper, the first of two, provides an introduction to implant dentistry for the general dental practitioner.  Read more

P419  Restorative dentistry:  Overtreatment in Caries Management? A Literature Review Perspective and Recommendations for Clinicians by I Ghosh, P Dayal, S Das

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Dentistry, like various branches in the healthcare profession, is susceptible to overtreatment, especially in the management of dental caries, due to the adoption of an aggressive restorative approach. This philosophy provides no actual benefits to the patient in terms of arresting the disease...  Read more

P430  Endodontics:  Modern Endodontic Principles Part 8: The Future of Endodontics by R Vahid Roudsari, S Jawad, C Taylor, J Darcey, A Qualtrough

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Although the principles of endodontics have remained unchanged for many decades, root canal treatment has been subject to major changes in the past few years. This paper outlines the cutting-edge advances including the materials and techniques used.   Read more

P442  Oral medicine:  Tackling the Use of Supari (Areca Nut) and Smokeless Tobacco Products in the South Asian Community in the United Kingdom by M Chande, K Suba

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The use of supari (areca nut) and smokeless tobacco products are seen as a major risk factor for oral cancer. There are increasing rates of oral cancer across the United Kingdom, along with the increase of the use of these products. This article examines the uses of such products amongst the South...  Read more

P448  Oral surgery:  Pain Part 10: Headaches by DMS Chong, T Renton

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This last in a series of 10 papers aims to provide the dental and medical teams with an update in headache conditions relevant to dentistry and medicine. Headache is the most common presenting symptom for patients presenting to A&E departments.   Read more

P461  Orthodontic Emergencies:  Orthodontic First Aid for General Dental Practitioners by I Sodipo, J Birdsall

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Orthodontic emergencies occasionally arise and although they can cause discomfort to the patient, they can usually be stabilized by a general dentist and then followed up by the orthodontist.  Read more

P472  Oral medicine:  Mouth Cancer for Clinicians Part 11: Cancer Treatment (Radiotherapy) by N Kalavrezos, C Scully

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A MEDLINE search early in 2015 revealed more than 250,000 papers on head and neck cancer; over 100,000 on oral cancer; and over 60,000 on mouth cancer. Not all publications contain robust evidence. We endeavour to encapsulate the most important of the latest information and advances now employed in...  Read more

P482  Paediatric dentistry:  The Prosthetic Management of an Infra-Occluded First Permanent Molar: Case Report by B Sehra, J Johnson

This report describes the prosthetic management of a 15-year-old patient with an infra-occluded first permanent molar due to primary failure of eruption (secondary retention). An indirect composite onlay restoration was used to stimulate the periodontal fibres, improve function and restore occlusal...  Read more

P487  Oral Radiology:  Non-Pulmonary Tuberculosis – A Case Report: Importance and Pitfalls of Diagnosis by H Pepper, R Davies, C Hughes, S Thomas, M Pring, M Hetzel

A case of tuberculosis presenting as a neck lump is highlighted. Tuberculosis is on the increase. There are national and international strategies to improve the management of tuberculosis in the United Kingdom, and raising clinical awareness of tuberculosis is an important part of that strategy....  Read more

P492  Letters to the Editor:  Letters to the Editor by S Kumar, S Bhat Giliyar, K Gupta, MJ Trenouth

With great enthusiasm I read the article published by Devan Raindi on ‘Nutrition and Periodontal Disease’ (Dent Update 2016; 43: 66–72). The work of the author is commendable. It would be appropriate to add here that among the nutritional deficiencies the most commonly encountered deficiencies...  Read more

P494  Clinical Challenges Q&A:  Clinical Challenges Q&A 21. Lump in the Floor of Mouth by C Scully, D Malamos

A 9-year-old boy attended complaining of a persistent single swelling in the floor of his mouth causing some difficulties with eating, swallowing and speaking. There was no previous trauma to this area. None of his close relatives had similar lesions. Examination of the skin below the chin revealed...  Read more

P496  Technique Tips:  Technique Tips – Chairside Assessment of Implant-Retained Overdenture Retention by L Webb, JM Thomason

Edentulous patients are demanding higher levels of comfort and functionality, and are looking to implant-retained overdentures to provide stability. However, all components experience wear through use and it can sometimes be difficult to identify whether the wear has occurred to the attachment or...  Read more