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Issue: Volume 40 Number 10 - December 2013

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P789  Editorial:  Life after Minamata by FJT Burke

Sometimes we need a push, a deadline, or even a threat to get us into action. Minamata provides us with a serious push with regard to what we will be using to restore posterior teeth in the future.  Read more


P791  Orthodontics:  The Long and Winding Road – the Journey of a Cleft Lip and Palate Patient Part 1 by AK Madahar, A Murray, R Orr, P Jonathan Sandler

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Patients with a cleft lip and palate (CLP) deformity require the highest standard of care that can be provided and this requires multidisciplinary care from teams located in regional cleft centres. Care of these cases is from birth to adulthood and requires several phases of intervention,...  Read more

P800  Prevention:  ‘Hubble-Bubble Leads to Trouble’ – Waterpipe Smoking and Oral Health by SB Shah, IG Chestnutt, MAO Lewis

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Waterpipes are used to smoke tobacco by more than 100 million people worldwide. Use is not restricted to any single racial, ethnic, or cultural group, and dentists are almost certain to encounter waterpipe users amongst their patients. This article describes what the practice involves and seeks to...  Read more

P805  Special Care Dentistry:  Special Care Dentistry: Part 3. Dental Management of Patients with Medical Conditions causing Acquired Bleeding Disorders by N Nizarali, S Rafique

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The second paper in this three part series discussed the dental management of patients with drug-related acquired bleeding disorders. This paper will discuss and outline the dental management of patients with acquired bleeding disorders that can result from medical conditions. Again, these may be...  Read more

P814  Preventive Dentistry:  Preventing Dental Caries: Part 2. Case Studies in Prevention by AS Blinkhorn, RM Davies

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This article seeks to bring together the preventive messages given in Paper 1 and apply them to specific individual patients. The key elements are the appropriate advice on fluorides, fissure sealants, diet and formulating advice in terms of an individual’s educational background.  Read more

P822  Conscious Sedation:  Overview of Paediatric Dental Sedation: 2. Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen Inhalation Sedation by KE Wilson

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The use of conscious sedation for the management of anxious paediatric dental patients is extremely beneficial. Inhalation sedation with nitrous oxide and oxygen remains the mainstay for paediatric sedation in the UK.  Read more

P830  Prosthetics:  Long and Short Term Management of Implant-Supported Mandibular Overdentures by S Parmar, N Karir, D Walmsley, U Patel

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Common problems with the long term clinical use of implant-supported mandibular overdentures (ISMDs) include fractures of dentures, bars and clips, and reactivation of clips. Many general dental practitioners (GDPs) are reticent to be involved in the maintenance of ISMDs, especially if they have...  Read more

P836  Paediatric dentistry:  Dental Fluorosis in the Paediatric Patient by G-S Atia, J May

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Exposure to excessive fluoride intake during the early childhood years can disrupt the normal development of enamel, resulting in dental fluorosis. This varies in severity, ranging from white opacities in mild cases to more severe black and brown discoloration or enamel pitting. This article aims...  Read more

P840  Restorative dentistry:  Dental Materials – What Goes Where? The Current Status of Glass Ionomer as a Material for Loadbearing Restorations in Posterior Teeth by FJT Burke

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Glass ionomer materials have been available for 40 years, but have not been indicated for loadbearing restorations, other than when used in the ART concept. However, there is anecdotal evidence that dentists are using the reinforced versions of this material in posterior teeth, possibly as a result...  Read more

P846  Oral medicine:  The Role of a Dentist in Managing Patients with Dystonia by E Watt, F Crawford, T Gillgrass

Oromandibular dystonia is a neurological condition where the muscles of the mouth and jaw contract in involuntary spasms. Dystonia currently has no cure, but there are treatment options to manage symptoms. This case report describes the treatment of a 41-year-old male who presented at University of...  Read more

P849  Oral medicine:  Oral Medicine: 13. Lumps and Swellings: Jaws by DH Felix, J Luker, P Crispian Scully

This series provides an overview of current thinking in the more relevant areas of Oral Medicine, for primary care practitioners. The series gives the detail necessary to assist the primary dental clinical team caring for patients with oral complaints that may be seen in general dental practice....  Read more

P853  Letters to the Editor:  Letters to the Editor by D Hasham Khan, O Fejersko, E Kidd, C Peace, D Sharad Kamat, D Rajiv S Desai et al

Changing concepts in cariology: forty years on (Dent Update 2013; 40: 277–286)  Read more

P856  Technique Tips:  Addition of a tooth to a denture chairside immediately after extraction by V Creaven, A Fadel Alkadhimi, L Creaven, A Warreth

Addition of a tooth to a denture chairside immediately after extraction  Read more