23rd August 2022 @7pm
Question Time: The latest NHS dental contract update
Nigel Jones & Eddie Crouch
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25th August 2022 @7pm
The 3M™ Filtek™ Family: An award-winning restorative composite portfolio
Dr John Rafelt
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1st September 2022 @7pm
Deep-Dive into Digital Orthodontics
Dr Steffen Decker & Sarah MacDonald
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Issue: Volume 49 Number 4 - April 2022

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P283  Guest Editorial:  Are Dermal Fillers Dentistry? by K Salih, E McColl

Recent social media influence has set up a world of aesthetic idealism, whereby rises in demand for non-surgical cosmetic treatment to cater for the unrealistic desire of ‘perfection’ has meant that the aesthetics industry has been expanding and has gained interest among dental practitioners and...  Read more


P290  Restorative dentistry:  Clinical Tips to Improve the Restorative Management of Hypodontia: Part 2 by KB Patel, J Woolley, M Kelleher

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Hypodontia is defined as the developmental absence of one or several teeth. Management of cases of hypodontia can appear to be complex, but many aspects of the treatment could be managed in primary care. This article aims to enhance understanding and improve confidence in managing hypodontia cases...  Read more

P297  Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery:  A Case of Mistaken Identity: The Importance of Recognizing Red Flag Symptoms by A Bains, H Chaudhry, A Hennedige, M Iqbal

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Rhabdomyosarcoma is the most common paediatric soft tissue sarcoma. They comprise 40% of soft tissue sarcomas in children and adolescents. The overall 5-year survival rate in childhood is 71% with a worsening prognosis during infancy. The survival rate for children diagnosed at 10–14 years is 50%....  Read more

P301  Periodontology:  Enamel Matrix Derivative Use in Dentistry: An Update by M Daldry, J Shah, E McColl, R Witton

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Following a review of periodontal wound healing, this article discusses techniques designed to optimise periodontal wound healing, including guided-tissue regeneration and periodontal regeneration using enamel matrix derivatives. Enamel matrix derivatives are porcine derived, and are thought to...  Read more

P308  Paediatric dentistry:  The Importance of Periodontal Screening in Paediatric Patients by R Oliver, AA Adeyemi, SMG Lee, N Gallichan

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Detecting dental caries may often be at the forefront of the clinician’s mind when examining paediatric patients. However, a range of periodontal abnormalities can also present in the paediatric population. It is essential that this cohort is appropriately assessed for periodontal disease during...  Read more

P314  Periodontics:  New Insights into the Pathogenesis of Periodontal Diseases by S Zaric, M Ide, L Nibali

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Throughout our lives, we continuously encounter micro-organisms that range from those essential for health, to those causing diseases. The oral cavity is permanently colonized by micro-organisms and our immune system has a challenging role in maintaining oral homeostasis by balancing its responses...  Read more

P320  TMD:  Temporomandibular Disorders. Part 1: Anatomy, Aetiology, Diagnosis and Classification by F Oluwajana, P Clarke, E Foster-Thomas, M James, C Crawford

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Temporomandibular disorders (TMD) are the most common causes of chronic pain in the orofacial region. The aetiology of TMD is complex owing to its multifactorial biopsychosocial nature. TMD shares many commonalities, and can be associated with, other chronic pain conditions. The physical and...  Read more

P330  Oral surgery:  A Difficult Diagnosis of Spontaneous Lower Lip Numbness by N Patel, L Zebic, V Patel

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Lymphomas in the head and neck region (HNR) can be a diagnostic challenge owing to their indistinctive oral manifestations that frequently mimic other pathologies. This case report highlights a young male who experienced spontaneous paraesthesia of his lower lip with an accompanied localized dull...  Read more

P336  Oral medicine:  3D Sequencing and Protocols in Head and Neck Reconstructive Surgery: Delivering Predictable Results by H Mohamedbhai, A Chan, B Visavadia

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The complex nature of head and neck anatomy poses a significant challenge in facial reconstruction, both in functional and aesthetic outcomes. This necessitates that any resection of disease and reconstruction should not only consider the defect, but also the changes in appearance, speech and...  Read more

P343  Prosthodontics:  The Fixed/Removable Interface: A Case Report by S Mashoof

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An 86 year old lady presented with numerous missing teeth, failing restorations, unstable dentures and a fractured provisional crown on her upper left canine. After a thorough pre-operative assessment and diagnostic planning, provisional restorations were provided to help the definitive treatment...  Read more

P348  Oral medicine:  Biologics and Dentistry: Implications for Dental Treatment and Patient Management by A Dhami, S Culshaw

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This article discusses the implications of biologics on dental treatment and patient management. There is limited information available on the dental relevance of biologics, and, with increasing numbers of patients undertaking biological therapy for autoimmune diseases, cancer, and osteoporosis...  Read more

P352  Letters to the Editor:  Letters to the Editor by A Khan, P Anand, A Orchard, S Cottam, J Aitken, R Rughani

Oral sarcoidosis of the lip: a case report and lesson of availability bias due to SARS-CoV-2   Read more

P354  Technique Tips:  Using clinical photos and simple digital analysis to aid in complete denture aesthetics by K Butt, K Prajapat, A Elmougy

Oral health in the UK has improved over the past 30 years, as such, there has been a marked increase in the number of people retaining teeth and a steady decline in the prevalence of edentulous patients.1   Read more