Weds 26th January 2022 @6pm
Goodwill Values – What’s Changed?
Andy Acton & Chris Strevens
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Weds 9th February 2022 @7pm
Ensuring your practice and team thrive in 2022
Guy Meyers
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10th February 2022 @7pm
Bioclear Method - A Predictable Solution for the Perennial Problem of Black Triangles!
Dr Claire Burgees
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22nd February 2022 @7pm
It’s about the Team
Simon Gambold, Melonie Prebble, Flora Couper & Nikki Bell
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23rd February 2022 @7pm
“Live” CEREC Procedure: Crown in an hour using Tessera Glass Ceramic
Dr Alison Simpson
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Issue: Volume 48 Number 8 - September 2021

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P601  Editorial:  Dental Materials by FJT Burke

Welcome to the special issue on dental materials.  Read more


P603  Guest Editorial:  The Importance of Dental Materials in Clinical Dentistry by SJ Bonsor

A good working knowledge of dental materials by each member of the dental team is critical because the effective practice of restorative dentistry is impossible without it.   Read more

P607  Restorative dentistry:  Dental Amalgam: A Practical Guide by L Mackenzie

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Historically, dental amalgam is the world’s most commonly used restorative material. Its use is declining due to patient and professional demand for tooth-coloured restorations that are adhesive and promote minimally invasive tooth preparation techniques. Significant reduction has also resulted...  Read more

P620  Restorative dentistry:  Bonding to dentine: an update on universal adhesives by FJT Burke, L Mackenzie

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The ability to successfully bond restorations to dentine is central to minimally invasive restorative dentistry. While dentine bonding agents have gone through a variety of ‘generations’, it is the purpose of this article to describe the latest clinical and laboratory research on universal...  Read more

P633  Restorative dentistry:  ‘Let there be light,’ and there was light, but was it enough? A review of modern dental light curing by SJ Bonsor, WM Palin

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Light curing, or photopolymerization, is a very common method of effecting the set of resin-containing dental materials. This review summarizes key aspects that influence optimal photopolymerization, and how both a basic knowledge of chemistry and properties of the light-curing device are essential...  Read more

P643  Restorative dentistry:  Conventional glass-ionomer cements: a guide for practitioners by P Mylonas, J Zhang, A Banerjee

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Glass-polyalkenoate cements, also known as glass-ionomer cements (GICs), are one of the most commonly used bio-interactive restorative dental materials, having been available since the 1970s. With the promotion of minimally invasive operative dentistry (MID), and the reduction in the use of dental...  Read more

P653  Applied Dental Materials/Endodontics:  Hydraulic cements for various intra-coronal applications. Part 1 by SJ Bonsor, J Camilleri

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Hydraulic cements are unique materials that set in the presence of water and do not deteriorate when wet and, as such, they lend themselves to be used in a range of endodontic procedures. Various products are available, and a classification is helpful to guide the clinician. Hydraulic cements may...  Read more

P662  Applied Dental Materials/Endodontics:  Hydraulic cements for various applications in endodontics. Part 2 by SJ Bonsor, J Camilleri

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The first article in this two-part series described the properties and use of hydraulic cements for intra-coronal applications, mainly for vital pulp therapy and as a barrier for regenerative endodontic procedures. In Part 2, the intra-radicular and extra-radicular uses are discussed. Hydraulic...  Read more

P671  CAD/CAM:  CADCAM in dentistry. Materials and methods: an overview for the dental team by S Fieldhouse

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CADCAM is still a relatively underused genre in UK dentistry. This article examines, in broad context, the range of technology and materials available in the UK. The nature of a digital workflow is outlined, with examples therein. Subtractive and additive manufacturing is discussed, along with...  Read more

P680  Restorative dentistry:  Ceramics in dentistry: which material is appropriate for the anterior or posterior dentition? Part 1: the materials science by L Chien Win, P Sands, SJ Bonsor, FJT Burke

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The large choice of ceramic materials for an indirect restoration has given clinicians a dilemma when choosing a suitable ceramic for restorations in anterior or posterior teeth. Focusing principally on the most commonly used materials, lithium disilicate and zirconia, the aim of Part 1 of this...  Read more

P690  Restorative dentistry:  Ceramics in dentistry: which material is appropriate for the anterior or posterior dentition? Part 2: recent clinical research by L Chien Win, P Sands, SJ Bonsor, FJT Burke

The large choice of ceramic materials for an indirect restoration has given clinicians a dilemma when choosing a suitable ceramic material for restorations in anterior or posterior teeth. Part 1 compared the physical properties and aesthetics of lithium disilicate and zirconia materials. This...  Read more

P699  Prosthodontics:  An update on indirect prosthodontic materials and their manufacturing techniques by D Gray, O Barraclough, Z Ali, B Nattress

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Innovations in the fabrication of removable partial dentures depend not only on the development of new materials, but also on the availability of manufacturing techniques that can be applied to a dental environment. Many of these new materials have limited clinical evaluations, hence it can be...  Read more

P707  Technique Tips:  Ten top tips to overcome common mistakes concerning the use of dental materials by SJ Bonsor

Very often, little regard or thought is given to the importance of the selection, clinical handling and usage of dental materials.  Read more