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Issue: Volume 46 Number 3 - March 2019

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P197  Guest Editorial:  International Healthcare Volunteering by A James Paterson, J Gordon Milne, J Edward Kazimoto, J Bagg

International healthcare volunteering is becoming increasingly popular. Many dental professionals and students from developed world countries volunteer for a legion of programmes predominantly in the developing world. Individual volunteers’ motives are varied and include social responsibility, a...  Read more


P204  Oral surgery:  Inferior Dental Blocks Versus Infiltration Dentistry: Is it time for change? by T Renton

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Dentistry is unique in that high volume surgery is undertaken efficiently on conscious patients, an anathema to most other surgical specialties who predominantly operate on unconscious patients. Local anaesthesia provides an efficient block to nociceptive pain (the first stage of the pain pathway)...  Read more

P220  Paediatric dentistry:  Non-Restorative Cavity Treatment: Should This be the Treatment of Choice? Reflections of a Teacher in Paediatric Dentistry by RéJM Gruythuysen

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Non-Restorative Cavity Treatment (NRCT) is not favoured by many paediatric dentists. However, perhaps it should be the treatment of choice rather than confronting child and parents with a restorative, symptomatic, often less child-friendly approach. Does the child have a right to a viable...  Read more

P230  Restorative dentistry:  Management of Localized Anterior Tooth Wear in a Patient with Bilateral Distal Extension Edentulous Mandibular Arches by YKSN Susiripala, V Sivaguru

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Although managing the consequences of tooth loss is not easy, the desired outcome can be achieved with collaboration by the patient, clinician and technician. The ultimate objective is not to reverse the effects of ageing but to improve the quality of life of an affected individual by adhering to...  Read more

P238  Dental public health:  Childsmile after 10 Years Part 2: Programme Development, Implementation and Evaluation by LMD Macpherson

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Childsmile is the national child oral health improvement programme for Scotland. It was developed as pilot studies from 2006/7, building on an established national supervised toothbrushing programme in nursery schools. By 2011, an integrated programme was in place in all NHS Boards across the...  Read more

P248  New Technologies/Restorative Dentistry:  A Review of Additive Manufacturing in Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics Part 2: Applications in Restorative Dentistry and Endodontics by P Shanmukh Srinivas, A TS, P MG

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The field of science and research is dynamic and the scientific disciplines of restorative dentistry and endodontics is no exception. The practice of dentistry and the technology involved has evolved hugely from the traditional to the contemporary. As a result of continual developments...  Read more

P257  Periodontics:  Management of Intrabony Defects in Periodontal Disease by W Anderson, A Pye

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Intrabony periodontal defects present a clinical challenge in the treatment of periodontal disease and maintenance of compromised teeth. The management of such defects ranges from non-surgical mechanical debridement to modern minimally invasive regenerative surgery. The incidence of intrabony...  Read more

P266  Dental Anatomy:  Taurodontism Part 2: Biomechanics, Differential Diagnosis, Clinical Implications and Management by M Hasan

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The first article described history, aetiology, molecular signalling mechanism, epidemiology and classification of taurodontism. This final article of the two-part series focuses on the biomechanics and other clinical aspects of taurodontism.In certain disorders, especially during initial stages,...  Read more

P280  Periodontics:  Amlodipine-Induced Gingival Overgrowth in the Peri-Implant Region: A Review and Case Report by N MacBeth, S Sterlitz, G Bryce

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Gingival overgrowth is a known side-effect of the antihypertensive drug amlodipine, but the risk of mucosal overgrowth around dental implants has been less well documented. This article discusses the role of calcium channel blockers in drug-induced mucosal overgrowth around dental implants and...  Read more

P287  Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery:  The Bigger Picture: a Gorlin-Goltz Case Report by Z Nimaa, S Dubb, V Sharma

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Gorlin-Goltz is a multisystemic inherited disorder characterized by multiple oral and systemic manifestations. Although rare, it is important for the general dentist to be aware of this condition due to the presentation of multiple odontogenic keratocysts, and to understand the differential...  Read more

P291  Technique Tips:  Moisture Control in Children by S Baughan, A Casaus, P Jiteshkumar Haria

Moisture control is an important aspect of dentistry in modern practice. Absorbent materials, suction devices and other techniques, such as the application of rubber dam, are available to assist with achieving a dry oral field.  Read more