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Issue: Volume 45 Number 8 - September 2018

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P685  Editorial:  Green Dentistry in 2018? by FJT Burke

The recent pictures in the media of the plastic items which are due to be phased out before the end of the year, such as cotton buds, straws and drinks mixers, reminded me of items now prevalent in the dental surgery which are likely to come into the same category, such as disposable mirrors and...  Read more


P687  Restorative dentistry:  Tooth Wear Guidelines for the BSRD Part 3: Removable Management of Tooth Wear by K Hemmings, A Truman, S Shah, R Chauhan

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Removable prostheses can be used alone or in combination with fixed prosthodontic treatment to manage tooth wear (TW).   Read more

P698  Restorative dentistry:  An Update on Discoloured Teeth and Bleaching Part 2: Mechanism of Action of Bleaching Agents and Management of Discoloured Teeth by R Dubal, RWJ Porter

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The term ‘discoloured teeth’ describes a very broad array of clinical manifestations which can result from an equally broad list of aetiologies. The ability to assess and diagnose the cause accurately allows clinicians to prescribe and execute the appropriate treatment modality and avoid...  Read more

P712  Restorative dentistry:  Gagging – Bringing Up an Old Problem Part 2: Management of the Condition by B Daniel Murchie

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This is the second-part of a two-part series on gagging patients. The first paper discussed the aetiology of gagging and diagnosing the severity of the condition. This paper will investigate the different management approaches which can be considered for patients who suffer from an exaggerated gag...  Read more

P720  Removable Prosthodontics:  Immediate Dentures Part 2: Denture Construction by U Jogezai, D Laverty, AD Walmsley

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These two review articles aim to provide a comprehensive summary on immediate dentures. In this second part, the various stages of immediate denture construction are discussed. These include primary and master impressions, jaw registration, wax try-in and fitting the prosthesis. However, it has...  Read more

P728  Paediatric dentistry:  Hybrid Child-Friendly Biological Primary Molar Restorative Alternatives to General Anaesthesia by M Al Halabi, M Kowash, I Hussein

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Management of early childhood caries, especially in high caries prevalence regions, is challenging, with multiple extractions under general anaesthesia (GA) becoming frequently unavoidable. This paper describes a combination of child-friendly biological methods of caries management that could be...  Read more

P742  Oral surgery:  Systemic Sclerosis: A Case Report and Considerations for General Dental Practitioners by F Wright, E Besi, NJ Malden

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Systemic sclerosis is a rare condition but has a high morbidity and mortality rate due to complications associated with the increased deposition of collagen in multi-organ systems. This can result in tightening of the skin, vascular issues and various autoimmune responses. This paper describes a...  Read more

P750  Miscellaneous:  Diabetes Mellitus: An Update for the General Dental Practitioner by F Domah, J Domah, N Shah, R Shah

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Diabetes mellitus is an increasing public health concern and has been declared a pandemic. The incidence of diabetes is approximately 422 million worldwide. It is a chronic syndrome of hyperglycemia with anomalies in carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism due to lack of insulin production,...  Read more

P760  Orthodontics /Paediatric Dentistry:  The Orthodontic/Paediatric Interface Part 1 by S Carr, S Barry, OH Malik

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This series discusses the interface between orthodontics and other dental specialties. The first part of this four-part series will discuss the orthodontic/paediatric interface. It will discuss some common problems encountered in paediatric dentistry where orthodontic input is necessary including:...  Read more

P773  Oral surgery:  The Surgical Removal of an Impacted Canine: Diagnosis, Investigations and Technique by Z Rahman, H Azam, B Ahmed

Impacted canines occur in 1.7% of the population. These cases may be seen in general practice for further referral to an orthodontist or oral surgeon. Diagnosis often involves clinical examination, palpation and radiographic imaging to ascertain the location and association with anatomical...  Read more

P779  Letters to the Editor:  Letters to the Editor by P Ario Santini, A Dahill

I read your interesting Editorial in the recent issue of Dental Update, and your enthusiastic support of the authors’ evidence from new research on vital pulp therapy facilitating, as claimed, a new biologically driven treatment protocol.  Read more

P781  Updates from America:  Inappropriate Antibiotic Prescribing by US General Dentists by C John Palenik

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicate that more than 262 million prescriptions for antibiotics are written annually in US outpatient facilities.  Read more

P783  Technique Tips:  The Modified Manchester Bite Block by K Butt, W Leysse, D Attrill

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The Manchester bite block is a modified lower occlusal rim that was first described by McCord and Grant in 2000.1 The Manchester bite block (Figure 1) has two pillars of wax situated bilaterally in the region of the mandibular second premolar-first molar tooth positions.  Read more

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