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Issue: Volume 43 Number 1 - January/February 2016

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P5  Guest Editorial:  An amalgam-free world – are we and our patients ready? by P Briggs

I qualified 32 years ago in 1983 and can, sadly, still remember that one of the questions in my final written examination was 'To compare and contrast the properties of the different plastic materials available to restore posterior teeth’. After varied general jobs in primary and secondary care, my...  Read more


P7  Thank you:  Thank you to our Reviewers by FJT Burke

Every paper in Dental Update is considered by two reviewers. I would like to thank all those on the list below for giving their time and expertise in checking the validity of the papers published in Dental Update in 2015 and making suggestions on how papers might be improved.   Read more

P8  Restorative dentistry:  British Society of Prosthodontics Debate on the Implications of the Minamata Convention on Mercury to Dental Amalgam − Should our Patients be Worried? by R Austin, S Eliyas, FJT Burke, P Taylor, J Toner, P Briggs

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In 2013, the Minamata Convention on Mercury called for a global phase-down of amalgam use, with a view to reduce environmental mercury pollution. This will significantly impact UK dentistry, given the still extensive use of amalgam in UK general dental practice. However, until now there has been...  Read more

P20  Endodontics:  Modern Endodontic Principles Part 4: Irrigation by J Darcey, S Jawad, C Taylor, R Vahid Roudsari, M Hunter

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The complex anatomy of the tooth limits the ability to eradicate pathogens by mechanical means alone. Irrigation is the key to solving this problem. This paper highlights the importance of irrigation, the key irrigants available and methods of improving the performance of irrigants within the canal.  Read more

P34  Oral medicine:  Warfarin and Drug Interactions: Prescribing Vigilance by J Hook, L Millsopp, EA Field

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A patient taking warfarin presented to the Oral Medicine Clinic at Liverpool University Dental Hospital, having been prescribed metronidazole and miconazole by his general dental practitioner (GDP) for his oral mucosal problem. He subsequently developed bruising on his torso following mild trauma....  Read more

P39  Oral surgery:  Pain Part 6: Temporomandibular Disorders by PL Yule, J Durham, RW Wassell

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TMDs are a complex collection of conditions which can have a significant impact on an individual’s quality of life. The aetiology, diagnosis and management of TMDs will be described in this article with the hope of increasing a general dental practitioner’s knowledge of these problems, thus helping...  Read more

P50  Oral medicine:  Mouth Cancer for Clinicians Part 7: Cancer Diagnosis and Pre-treatment Preparation by N Kalavrezos, P Crispian Scully

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A MEDLINE search early in 2015 revealed more than 250,000 papers on head and neck cancer; over 100,000 on oral cancer; and over 60,000 on mouth cancer. Not all publications contain robust evidence. We endeavour to encapsulate the most important of the latest information and advances now employed in...  Read more

P66  Periodontics:  Nutrition and Periodontal Disease by D Raindi

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The identification of inflammatory periodontal disease and education in local and systemic risk factors and their management forms the foundation of the treatment of this disease. Nutrition is potentially a modifiable risk factor that could drive or abrogate the underlying oxidative stress in...  Read more

P74  Orthodontics:  Extra-oral Appliances in Orthodontic Treatment by M Almuzian, F Alharbi, G McIntyre

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Extra-oral appliances are used in orthodontics to apply forces to the jaws, dentition or both and the popularity of these appliances is cyclical. Although the use of retraction headgear for the management of Class II malocclusion has declined over the last 20 years with the refinement of...  Read more

P83  Conscious Sedation:  Benzodiazepines: Sedation and Agitation by C Gallagher

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Dental anxiety is common and frequently poses a barrier to necessary dental treatment. The increasing availability of conscious sedation in dental practice has made treatment much more accessible for anxious patients. At present, benzodiazepines are the most commonly used drugs in sedation practice...  Read more

P90  Oral medicine:  A Case of Undiagnosed Harlequin Syndrome Presenting in General Dental Practice by K Edwards, A Schaefer, K Staines, M Greenwood

Harlequin syndrome is a rare, clinically striking syndrome characterized by distinctly demarcated asymmetric facial flushing and sweating. It may be of idiopathic aetiology or caused by demonstrable ipsilateral damage to the sympathetic nervous system.1 A case is described where a patient presented...  Read more

P93  Clinical Challenges Q&A:  Clinical Challenges Q&A 17. Facial Lesions and Mouth Ulceration by P Crispian Scully, D Dimitrios Malamos

A 56-year-old married woman from Nigeria presented with severe right-sided orofacial pain for 2 weeks. The intense, dull, constant pain in the right maxilla preceded by 3 days the onset of oral soreness. The patient also complained of fatigue, episodes of fever ( 38 °C) and cervical...  Read more

P95  Technique Tips:  Technique Tips – Composite Edge Bonding − the Reverse Triangle Technique by T Qureshi

Composite has seen a strong renaissance in recent times with a large variety of materials appearing on the market packed with claimed improvements in handling strength and appearance. We do not need scientific data to appreciate that the latter claim is true. Appearance and the ability to blend...  Read more