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Issue: Volume 42 Number 6 - July/August 2015

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P505  Editorial:  Publicity? by FJT Burke

Dentistry gets its fair share of publicity, much of it, sadly, dentist bashing, so some UK television viewers may have joyfully watched the two part series on the BBC, The Truth about your Teeth.   Read more

P506  Guest Editorial:  Setting the highest possible standards of healthcare by P Richard Welbury

Welcome to the third edition of Dental Update in which all the main articles have been written by Fellows and Members of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow. Our authors work in all parts of the UK, Guernsey and Malaysia and represent our diverse membership.  Read more


P507  Dental public health:  The Truth about Sugar by CA Yeung, A Goodfellow, L Flanagan

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Sugars are used by the industry to enhance the attractiveness of foods and drinks. These added sugars, or ‘free sugars’, are not easily identified in food or drink labels. Certain manufactured foods and drinks with ‘safe’ names, such as dried fruit and fruit juice, still contain free sugars and can...  Read more

P513  Restorative dentistry:  Maintenance and Monitoring of Dental Implants in General Dental Practice by K Tarawali

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A lot of effort has been directed towards developing dental implant surfaces which in turn have seen the increased success rate of osseointegration. Peri-implantitis and peri-implant mucositis are inflammatory conditions of implants that can lead to implant failure. Monitoring and maintaining...  Read more

P520  Oral medicine:  Facial Skin Lesions Dentists Should Know by L Sibai, Z Kudsi

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Facial skin lesions are common; patients may present with a nodule, crack, ulcer or abnormal discoloration of the skin that is not normally present. Ideally, dentists should include face examination in their routine clinical examination. Any suspicious lesion should be referred to a dermatologist...  Read more

P525  Restorative dentistry:  Worn Down by Toothwear? Aetiology, Diagnosis and Management Revisited by PL Yule, SC Barclay

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The incidence of toothwear in the population is increasing, as is the number of referrals regarding this problem to secondary care dental hospital consultants and specialists. This paper outlines current theories in aetiology, diagnosis and management of localized and generalized toothwear, as well...  Read more

P533  Oral medicine:  Pain-Related Temporomandibular Disorder − Current Perspectives and Evidence-Based Management by S Ghurye, R McMillan

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Pain-related temporomandibular disorder (TMD) is one of the top three most common chronic pain conditions, along with headaches and back pain. TMD has complex pathophysiology and significant associations with a variety of other chronic pain conditions, eg fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome and...  Read more

P548  Oral surgery:  Odontogenic Cysts - An Overview by NV Nayyer, M Macluskey, W Keys

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This article aims to discuss the clinical features, radiological assessment, histopathology and management of a variety of odontogenic cysts. It also highlights the reclassification of odontogenic keratocysts to keratocystic odontogenic tumours.   Read more

P556  General Dentistry:  Current Applications and Future Prospects of Stem Cells in Dentistry by S Surendran, G Sivamurthy

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Stem cells are defined as clonogenic, unspecialized cells capable of both self-renewal and multi-lineage differentiation, contributing to regenerating specific tissues. For years, restorative treatments have exploited the lifelong regenerative potential of dental pulp stem cells to give rise to...  Read more

P564  Oral medicine:  Management of Recurrent Aphthous Stomatitis in Children by JA Montgomery-Cranny, A Wallace, HJ Rogers, SC Hughes, AM Hegarty, H Zaitoun

Recurrent oral ulceration is common and may present in childhood. Causes of recurrent oral ulceration are numerous and there may be an association with underlying systemic disease. Recurrent aphthous stomatitis (RAS) is the most common underlying diagnosis in children. The discomfort of oral ulcers...  Read more

P574  Dental Regulation:  The Implications of the New GDC Standards for Dental Professionals by A Craig

This article is about the publication by the General Dental Council in 2013 of the Standards expected of those members of the dental team who are registered with the Council, on each of their Registers, and discusses the implications of the new Standards for dental professionals.   Read more

P580  Orthodontics:  An Unusual Allergic Response to Orthodontic Treatment by I Shargill, C Asher-McDade

This paper describes a case of a 13-year-old patient with a systemic hypersensitivity reaction to orthodontic treatment. Her allergy was investigated resulting in a provisional diagnosis of pressure urticaria. The aetiology, diagnosis and clinical management of allergic reactions to dental...  Read more

P584  Oral medicine:  Oral Ulceration in Newly Diagnosed Leukaemic Patient with Undiagnosed Sweet’s Syndrome by D Brierley, DN Slater, J Snowden, D Holt, A Hegarty

Sweet’s syndrome is a relatively rare but important skin condition which can affect the oral cavity. Awareness of this reactive condition is important for dentists who work in hospitals, where it is most likely to present. This report summarizes one such case and aims to introduce the reader to...  Read more

P586  Letters to the Editor:  Letters to the Editor by H Boyes, D Gaurav Sharma, D Archna Nagpal

Recently, the GDC has confirmed ‘Safeguarding’ to be included as recommended CPD. Working as a foundation dentist in a high-needs area of the country, I would like to offer an opinion on how this may influence younger dentists.   Read more

P588  Clinical Challenges Q&A:  Clinical Challenges Q&A 12. Blisters on Lips by P Crispian Scully, D Dimitrios Malamos

A 31-year-old secretary complained of recurrent lip blistering. She had suffered from blisters on the lips since she was a teenager. The blistering affected either one or both lips, and appeared spontaneously or after sun exposure. She was aware of no other precipitants and had no other...  Read more

P589  Technique Tips:  Technique Tips – The Cost of One Defective Class II Contact (with a Posterior Composite) by FJT Burke

Tooth-coloured restorations in posterior teeth are becoming increasingly popular, with the results of a survey of 1,000 UK dentists in 2002 and 2008 indicating a decline from 86%1 to 59%2 of restorations in posterior teeth formed in amalgam, with restorations formed in resin composite increasing...  Read more