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Issue: Volume 42 Number 2 - March 2015

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P105  Editorial:  A top ten for dental research publications by FJT Burke

It’s the season of awards in the film and music industry and, while dental practices also compete for prizes based on criteria which certainly do involve the long-term survival of restorations, it will not surprise readers to hear that there are no such awards for dental research publications.   Read more


P109  Oral surgery:  Pain Part 1: Introduction to Pain by T Renton

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This series of papers aims to provide the dental and medical teams with an update in pain, both acute and chronic orofacial conditions, relevant to dentistry and medicine. Pain is the most common symptom for patients presenting to their dentist, and is increasingly commonly presenting to doctors as...  Read more

P126  Restorative dentistry:  The Value of Cone Beam CT in Assessing and Managing a Dilated Odontome of a Maxillary Canine by A Wall, S Ng, S Djemal

A case of an unusual anomaly in a maxillary canine is described. A deep enamel invagination resulted in pulpal necrosis, longstanding infection and development of an associated radicular cyst. Diagnostic X-ray imaging was invaluable in demonstrating the complex root anatomy of the dilated odontome....  Read more

P131  Orthodontics:  Emergencies in Orthodontics Part 1: Management of General Orthodontic Problems as well as Common Problems with Fixed Appliances by P Dowsing, A Murray, J Sandler

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Fixed appliance treatment is a popular treatment modality with a burgeoning increase in the numbers of children and adults realizing the benefits that can be gained. Appliance breakage is an unavoidable nuisance which is at best inconvenient, and at worst may result in significant pain or...  Read more

P142  Orthodontics/Oral Medicine:  Case Report: Transpalatal Arch Resulting in Soft Tissue Damage of the Tongue 3 Years Post-Orthodontic Treatment by J Noar, E Woods, T Hodgson

Whilst transient effects of orthodontic appliances on the oral mucosa are well recognized, chronic lesions, persisting post therapy are unusual. We describe a persistent lingual mucosal defect related to a transpalatal arch (TPA) in a healthy 19-year-old female. The asymptomatic lesion is presently...  Read more

P144  Restorative dentistry:  An Update on Crown Lengthening Part 1: Gingival Tissue Excess by H Jeet Kalsi, Z Hussain, U Darbar

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This is the first article in a two-part series which aims to provide an overview of the different techniques used to increase clinical crown height. In the first paper, the focus will be on the management of patients who present with gingival tissue excess. The different aetiologies are discussed...  Read more

P154  Paediatric dentistry:  Why, What and How: Caries Control for Erupting Molars by HJ Rogers, AG Morgan, C Deery

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This article aims to update the practitioner on the various techniques and interventions available to prevent or control caries during this high-risk period. The evidence to support provision of toothbrushing advice, placement of fissure sealants and fluoride varnish application is considered,...  Read more

P160  Periodontics and Sexual Health:  Is Oral Health a Risk Factor for Sexual Health? by J Eastham, R Seymour

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New evidence suggests that the extent and severity of periodontal disease may be a significant risk factor for erectile dysfunction, sperm motility and time to conception. This paper reviews the evidence and informs members of the dental team when dealing with this sensitive issue. As more research...  Read more

P166  Implantology:  Peri-Implant Diseases: An Overview by A Warreth, S Boggs, N Ibieyou, R El-Helali, S Hwang

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The use of dental implants in replacing missing teeth is proven to be a valid treatment with a high success rate. To achieve the best treatment outcome in all implant systems, the implant has to be able to integrate with the surrounding tissue. However, dental implants are affected by peri-implant...  Read more

P185  Healthcare Models:  A Review of Communication Models and Frameworks in a Healthcare Context by BSS Cheng, SM Bridges, CKY Yiu, CP McGrath

This paper reviews six key communication models and frameworks in healthcare contexts. Comparison suggests key inter-relationships between the different stages of the clinical consultations. Implications are identified for future study in healthcare provider-patient communication.   Read more

P194  Clinical Challenges Q&A:  8. Lumps under Tongue by P Crispian Scully, D Dimitrios Malamos

An 18-year-old female university student was referred by the Student Health Service after the dental officer spotted some sublingual lesions at a routine dental examination.   Read more

P195  Technique Tips:  The ABC of the ESIPC Jig: The ‘Elegantly Simple Incisal Platform, Customized’ (ESIPC) Jig for Capturing/Recording Centric Relation by G Singh Hothi

Centric Relation (CR) is the reference position of the jaws (which is not dependent on the teeth) when the mandibular condyles are in their uppermost position in the glenoid fossa, involving the least stress being placed on the jaw muscles. It is a natural, physiological position that is...  Read more

Other Resources

P106  Editorial:  CPD Changes from Dental Update by S Thompson

To All Subscribers who participate in Dental Update's CPD Programme   Read more

P108  Thank you:  Thank you to our Reviewers by FJT Burke

Every paper in Dental Update is considered by two reviewers. I would like to thank all those on the list below for giving their time and expertise in checking the validity of the papers published in Dental Update in 2014 and making suggestions on how papers might be improved.  Read more