Weds 26th January 2022 @6pm
Goodwill Values – What’s Changed?
Andy Acton & Chris Strevens
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Weds 9th February 2022 @7pm
Ensuring your practice and team thrive in 2022
Guy Meyers
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10th February 2022 @7pm
Bioclear Method - A Predictable Solution for the Perennial Problem of Black Triangles!
Dr Claire Burgees
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22nd February 2022 @7pm
It’s about the Team
Simon Gambold, Melonie Prebble, Flora Couper & Nikki Bell
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23rd February 2022 @7pm
“Live” CEREC Procedure: Crown in an hour using Tessera Glass Ceramic
Dr Alison Simpson
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Issue: Volume 49 Number 1 - January 2022

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P5  Guest Editorial:  Mixed Perspectives and Virtual Reality by K Lewis

Once upon a time, long, long ago, patients formed judgements about dentists after meeting them and, in most cases, after receiving treatment from them.   Read more


P10  Aesthetic Dentistry:  ‘Peroxide-free’ Bleaching: Should we be Worried? by O Mudhar

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An increase in patient awareness and education has seen the demand for cosmetic dentistry rise. The use of social media applications such as Instagram provide patients with a plethora of information on procedures, such as direct composite bonding, veneers of different types and the align, bleach...  Read more

P14  Restorative dentistry:  Dental Implants for the General Dental Practitioner. Part 2: Complications, Management and Maintenance by O Jones, P Hoyle, R Patel

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With dental implants becoming a more common treatment option for the replacement of missing teeth, and with survival rates upwards of 90% after 10 years, it is likely that primary care dentists and dental care professionals will encounter patients presenting with problems. The second article in...  Read more

P26  General Dentistry:  Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and Liver Disease: A Review for the Dental Practitioner by I Macpherson, PN Brennan, JF Dillon

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The prevalence of chronic liver disease continues to rise, and important causes include viral infections, such as hepatitis B and hepatitis C. Both of these viruses can be contracted by healthcare workers through an inoculation injury and can lead to liver cirrhosis and cancer. In addition, chronic...  Read more

P32  Local Anaesthesia:  Optimizing Local Anaesthetic Practice: Addressing Misconceptions and Minimizing Anaesthetic Failures by N Oghabi, Tara Renton

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Local anaesthesia is a sine qua non for pain management in dentistry. Optimizing local anaesthesia practice reduces intra-operative pain, and ultimately ameliorates patient comfort. Many patients still report experiencing intra-operative pain despite being anaesthetized. This is commonplace with...  Read more

P40  Removable Prosthodontics:  The Use of a Gothic Arch Tracing to Record Centric Relation in the Construction of Complete Dentures by KJ Strain, P Hoyle, Z Ali, SJ Bonsor

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The establishment of a fixed and reproducible reference point (centric relation) is critical when reorganizing the occlusion in a dentate patient or constructing complete dentures in an edentulous patient. There are many techniques for guiding the patient’s mandible into centric relation and...  Read more

P48  Oral medicine:  The Numb Lip: Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer First Presenting in the Head and Neck by M Daldry, T Edwin Lloyd, G Stewart

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Diagnosing the cause of paraesthesia can be challenging. A patient with an unremarkable medical history, non-smoker and no known allergies, presented with paraesthesia in the distribution of the mental nerve with no obvious dento-alveolar pathology. After further investigations the patient was...  Read more

P52  Sedation:  Airway Assessment for Intravenous Sedation in Dentistry by B Owen, H Bradley

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The ability to manage an airway is an essential skill for the safe provision of intravenous conscious sedation. A systematic airway assessment will allow identification of risk factors pre-operatively, flagging potential airway problems and aiding case selection. If difficulties arise, the...  Read more

P57  Oral medicine:  Hereditary Angioedema Type I Triggered by Dental Treatment: A Case Report and Review of the Literature by Y Jagatiya, S Yogarajah, L Monteiro, B Carey, R Albuquerque

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Type 1 hereditary angioedema (HAE) is a rare genetic condition characterized by recurrent episodes of oedema caused by a deficiency of C1-esterase inhibitor (C1-INH). A 29-year-old male presented to the oral medicine department at Guy’s Hospital, London, with lip swelling following crown...  Read more

P64  Oral surgery:  Osteoradionecrosis in the Current Era of Radiation Treatment by V Patel, M Fenlon, L Di Silvio, M McGurk

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Osteoradionecrosis (ORN) is a late complication of radiotherapy treatment for head and neck cancer. In the past two decades there have been significant changes in the mode by which radiation is delivered and it was assumed this would lead to a reduction, or even elimination, of this complication....  Read more

P69  Endodontics:  Impact of Systemic Disease on Non-surgical Endodontic Treatment Outcomes by B Salem, G McKenna, G Quilligan

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Interactions between systemic and oral diseases have been investigated in many contexts. This is a narrative review discussing the impact of several systemic diseases, including cardiovascular disease and diabetes mellitus, on non-surgical endodontic treatment outcomes. There is currently a lack of...  Read more

P74  Communication in Dentistry:  Developing your Video Consultation Skills by M Chia

The principle of the video consultation is to provide safe, effective, evidence based care and advice that your patients require. This article guides dental clinicians in the use of video consultations by adapting their current communication skills and developing new ones. It covers guiding...  Read more

P79  Technique Tips:  Subgingival root brushing in periodontal treatment by D Caga

Periodontal disease is a chronic inflammatory condition that leads ultimately to tooth loss, masticatory dysfunction and reduced quality of life.  Read more