7th July 2022 @7pm
Bioclear Method – A Predictable Solution for Deep Marginal Adaption and Crack/Cuspal Protection with Direct Composite Cuspal Overlays
Dr Claire Burgess
Sponsored by 3M


27th July 2022 @7pm
Biomimetic Restorations Simplified
Hussein Patanwala
Sponsored by GC


Article Feedback: Volume 49 Number 1 Page 5 - January 2022

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Guest Editorial:  Mixed Perspectives and Virtual Reality

M Muneer   26 Jan 2022

I am really glad dental update touches this vital issue, as more
dentists moving from treating patients with common oral health problems i.e dental caries and periodontal diseases and this is what they were trained for five years to be able to do it efficiently sadly to cosmetic dentistry after few hours training!!!

As Community dentist for over twenty five years currently on daily base patients call us need urgent treatments as their dentists refuse to see them and their excuse not been for check up but this is not patients fault it is due to COVID restrictions . or they tell patients now provide private services.
I am afraid,The moral of the dental profession recently is down and it is more as business rather than a care profession .
Gladly you started to speak about this vital issue and hopefully the media will fellow you👍👌👏
Dr Manal Muneer
FDSEd ,MSC Eastman
Community Dentist MPFT
S4S Dental_June22