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Bioclear Method – A Predictable Solution for Deep Marginal Adaption and Crack/Cuspal Protection with Direct Composite Cuspal Overlays
Dr Claire Burgess
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Biomimetic Restorations Simplified
Hussein Patanwala
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Article: Volume 49 Number 6 Page 472 - June 2022

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  Dental Update 501: 472-475

Dental Implants:  Occlusal Considerations for Single Tooth Implant Crowns

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Abstract: With the rise in popularity of dental implants to replace missing teeth, there are also increasing concerns surrounding complications. Within the plethora of complications and associated aetiologies, occlusion is possibly the least understood. The biomechanical principles shown in this article can provide some suggestions on occlusal schemes for single implants.

Clinical relevance: By understanding occlusal considerations for single implant crowns, the risk of complications can be minimized.

Author notes: Hemal Charadva, BDS, MSc Restorative, General Dentist East Midlands, Carillon Dental Care, Loughborough. email:

Objective: An understanding of these concepts can minimize the risk of complications.

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