Article: Volume 45 Number 6 Page 569 - June 2018

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  Dent Update 2018; 45: 569-577

Restorative dentistry:  A Contemporary Approach for the Management of Generalized Tooth Wear

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Abstract: This paper describes the treatment of a 39-year-old female patient with generalized tooth wear. The causes of the tooth wear were identified and controlled. Following diagnostic planning, a full mouth reconstruction at an increased vertical dimension utilizing a reorganized approach was carried out. Crown lengthening surgery was performed on the maxillary anterior teeth prior to the restorative phase. The restorative treatment included a combination of indirect and direct composite resin restorations and adhesive cast restorations. Very satisfactory functional and aesthetic outcomes were achieved.

Clinical relevance: This paper demonstrates a practicable approach that can be applied for patients with tooth wear. The approach is conservative which eliminates the need for full coverage crowns to restore aesthetics and function.

Author notes: Mohammad Habib Aldashti, BDS, MFD RCSI, MClindent in Prosthodontics, Membership in Prosthodontics, RCS(Ed), Fellow, Implant Department, Loma Linda Dental School, 11092 Anderson St, Loma Linda, CA 92350, USA.

Objective: To describe a contemporary approach for the management of generalized tooth wear.