Article: Volume 45 Number 6 Page 557 - June 2018

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  Dent Update 2018; 45: 557-568

Patient-Centred Care:  Patient-Centred Care: How Close To This Are We?

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Abstract: This article focuses on those aspects of patient-centred care which are relevant to dentistry. Understanding motivating factors and patient expectations of treatment are fundamental in the provision of high quality care. Ensuring that patients have realistic expectations can be enhanced by providing good information and communicating well at all stages of treatment −factors which also enhance the overall patient experience. A wide range of factors contribute to patient satisfaction with treatment, alongside meeting expectations and ensuring that the treatment experience is positive, but some of these factors are still not fully understood and more work is required to understand, for example, how patients’ psychological traits may influence satisfaction. It is essential that clinicians consider these factors when providing care for their patients and this paper discusses current evidence relating to patient expectations, patient experience, effectiveness of treatment (primarily quality of life) and also those factors which may impact on patient satisfaction with treatment.

Clinical relevance: Patient-centred care involves being proactive about getting patients involved in decision-making and building good professional relationships with which to enhance communication and trust.

Author notes: Jagdip S Kalsi, BDS, MSc, MFDS, MJDF MRD, FDS RCS, Consultant in Restorative Dentistry, Croydon University and King’s College Hospitals, Kennneth W Hemmings, BDS, MSc, DRD RCS, MRD RCS, FDS RCS, ILTM FHEA, Consultant in Restorative Dentistry, Eastman Dental Hospital, UCLH Foundation Trust and Susan J Cunningham, BChD, MSc, PhD, MOrth RCS, FDS RCS(Orth), FHEA, Professor/Honorary Consultant in Orthodontics, UCL Eastman Dental Institute, 256 Gray’s Inn Road, WC1X 8LD, London, UK.

Objective: To discuss the relevant aspects of patient-centred care to dentistry including patient expectations, patient experience, quality of life and also those factors which may impact on patient satisfaction.