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Article: Volume 44 Number 8 Page 742 - September 2017

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  Dental Update 448: 742-752

Prosthodontics:  That First All Important Meeting with your Patient!

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Abstract: Understanding patient desires during prosthodontic management in the general practice setting may be challenging. Careful recognition of the clues from the patient in the initial few appointments will ease the subsequent treatment for both the dentist and the patient. This article discusses treatment choices in dentistry and how to tailor them to individual patients.

Clinical relevance: Potential difficult clinical situations can be managed effectively if identified at the earlier stages of meeting with a patient. Therefore, initial consultation appointments are important as a prognostic tool in prosthodontics/restorative treatment planning.

Author notes: Sivakumar Jayachandran, BDS, MDS GDP, Specialty Dentist and PhD Student, Prosthetic Dentistry and A Damien Walmsley, PhD, MSc, BDS, FDS RCPS, Professor of Restorative Dentistry, School of Dentistry, University of Birmingham, 5 Mill Pool Way, Edgbaston, Birmingham B5 7EG, UK.

Objective: To reinforce the importance of initial consultation appointments in successful treatment planning and highlight the patient expectation factors that may arise during a consultation with the help of clinical scenarios.