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Article: Volume 43 Number 4 Page 313 - May 2016

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  Dental Update 434: 313-318

Restorative dentistry:  Tooth Decorations and Modifications – Current Trends and Clinical Implications

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Abstract: Since earliest times, humans have felt the need to modify and beautify their bodies. Adornments in the form of tooth decorations have featured around the world for generations and continue to evolve. This paper describes current and forthcoming trends. It explores the use of tooth jewels, ‘dental grills’ and tooth tattoos which are not yet common in the UK, but are currently trending in the United States of America. This article reviews the literature and aims to describe the clinical effects each tooth decoration has on the dentition, along with appropriate management strategies. Owing to the lack of good quality studies, it is difficult to determine accurate effects on the dentition, but dental practitioners should focus on conservative and preventive management strategies.

Clinical relevance: This paper describes modern day tooth decorations, explores the possible effects on oral health and suggests management strategies.

Author notes: Sonam M Sanghavi, BDS, Foundation Dentist in the 2 year Longitudinal Wales Scheme, Dental Core Trainee (DCT) in Restorative and Oral Surgery and Ivor G Chestnutt, BDS, MPH, PhD, FDS (DPH) RCSEd, DDPH RCS, FDS RCS, FDS RCPS(Glasg), FFPH, Professor and Hon Consultant in Dental Public Health, Applied Clinical Research and Public Health, Cardiff University School of Dentistry, Heath Park, Cardiff CF14 4XY, UK.

Objective: To describe contemporary tooth decorations, understand their clinical implications and suggest management strategies.