23rd August 2022 @7pm
Question Time: The latest NHS dental contract update
Nigel Jones & Eddie Crouch
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25th August 2022 @7pm
The 3M™ Filtek™ Family: An award-winning restorative composite portfolio
Dr John Rafelt
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1st September 2022 @7pm
Deep-Dive into Digital Orthodontics
Dr Steffen Decker & Sarah MacDonald
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Issue: Volume 49 Number 7 - July/August 2022

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P533  Editorial:  One Drop! by FJT Burke

In the past, people of a certain generation (mine!) had a phone attached to a land line, and a camera into which a reel of film was inserted upon which to record the images.   Read more


P536  TMD:  Temporomandibular Disorders. Part 4: Appliance Therapy by M James, F Oluwajana, C Crawford, E Foster-Thomas, AJ Leven

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Appliances have been used in the management of temporomandibular disorders (TMD) for many years, and over this time designs have waxed and waned in popularity. The majority of appliance designs have few studies to support their use and what evidence is available, is often of low quality. This...  Read more

P546  General Practice:  Pregnancy and Dentistry: A guide for the General Dental Practitioner. Part 1 by C Curtin, S Stokes, F Shah

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Pregnancy is a unique time in a woman’s life when many physiological, physical, emotional and hormonal changes occur. It can also be quite an anxious time for women, particularly in the first trimester, when the risk of miscarriage is at its highest. Uncertainty still exists around the topic of...  Read more

P553  Dental Materials/Restorative Dentistry:  The Versatility of Flowable Composites. Part 1: Theory and New Classification by M AL-Rawas, NM Yusoff, Y Johari, D Mohamad, A Husein

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The increase in consumer demand for restorative and aesthetic dental treatment has resulted in a gradual upsurge of dental professionals relying on flowable composites (FCs) to meet consumer needs. All main manufacturers in the worldwide dental market offer flowable products together with the...  Read more

P562  Orthodontics:  Early Extraction of First Permanent Molars: Applying the Evidence by I Murphy, JH Noar

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First permanent molars (FPM) are often of poor prognosis due to caries or molar incisor hypomineralization. If extraction can be planned then FPM may be extracted at a suitable time to allow spontaneous space closure from the second molar, or retained for the space to be used for orthodontics in...  Read more

P569  Restorative dentistry:  Presentation and Management of Mandibular Anterior Tooth Wear by AJ Leven, SM Némat

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Mandibular anterior tooth wear, while sometimes simple to manage, can present a restorative challenge. The evidence on management of worn lower anterior teeth is limited to small case series because the majority of the literature in this field is focused on outcomes in the maxillary arch. This...  Read more

P577  Special Care Dentistry:  Huntington’s Disease: The Role of Dentistry in the Multidisciplinary Team by E Critchley, F O’Mahony, E Lemon, A Adkins

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Huntington’s disease is a progressive, genetic disorder, leading to changes to cognition, movement and behaviour. The oral health of these patients can rapidly deteriorate if they are not assessed and managed early. This article explores the role of the dental team, as part of the multidisciplinary...  Read more

P584  Oral Surgery /Restorative Dentistry:  Stabilization and Enhancement of Soft and Hard Tissues around Dental Implants: A Surgical Perspective by S Romeed

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This article discusses the surgical considerations for stabilizing and enhancing soft and hard tissues around dental implants. Recession is one of the recognized complications around dental implants, especially in the aesthetic zone. The novelty of computed dental implantology has widened the...  Read more

P596  Dental Implantology:  Metal–Ceramic Implant-supported Fixed Dental Prostheses: The Gold Standard For The Completely Edentulous Patient. A Case Report by A Martínez Martínez, Mía del Pilar Lujan-Pardo, S Ariza-Martínez

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The development of implantology has allowed implant-supported fixed prosthetic treatments in edentulous patients to become the main alternative to conventional rehabilitation. The dental experience of edentate patients comprises an extensive history of successes and failures with traditional...  Read more

P601  Letters to the Editor:  Letters to the Editor by E Morphet, E Elliott, J Parmar, E Walker, A Elamin, S Mahmood, S Khan, S Mumtaz

Unilateral trifid mental nerve and foramen: a case report   Read more

P606  Technique Tips:  Rubber Dam Techniques in Paediatric Dentistry by F Doughty, M Dave, L Reynolds, S Barry

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This Technique Tip describes the applications of rubber dam within paediatric dentistry with tips on behaviour management techniques to improve patient cooperation.   Read more