Issue: Volume 48 Number 2 - February 2021

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P89  Editorial:  The 4 Es in dentistry? by T Burke

UK readers will, of course, be aware that the UK has entered its third lockdown at the time of writing. However, third time around, what will the levels of compliance be? It has been considered that high levels of compliance in the first lockdown appear to have been driven by a sense that it is...  Read more


P91  Guest Editorial:  Birth of the College of General Dentistry by N Wilson CBE

The formation of a College, intended Royal College, is a rare event in healthcare. The birth of the College of General Dentistry (CGDent) brings new opportunities, standing and status for the profession.  Read more

P93  Restorative dentistry:  Cervical Margin Relocation and Indirect Restorations: Case Report and Literature Review by A Butt

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Coronal margin relocation (CMR) is a technique that is being increasingly used to manage subgingival defects in cavities in posterior teeth. The aim of this case report and literature review is to arm the dental practitioner with up-to-date scientific literature on this topic, such that they can...  Read more

P99  Oral surgery:  Fracture of the Maxillary Tuberosity: Troubleshooting in General Dental Practice and a Proposed Fracture Classification by F Wright, C Ritchie, NJ Malden, E Besi

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A tuberosity fracture can prevent or delay the timely delivery of the most appropriate treatment option for a maxillary molar. This is a relatively common complication, but should not prevent treatment in general practice provided the clinician has adequately risk assessed, planned and obtained...  Read more

P106  Sedation:  Too Old to Sedate: How Old is too Old? by N Bradley

The UK population is ageing with over a quarter of people predicted to be over 65 by 2040. People are retaining their teeth into old age, often having experienced complex restorative dental work over the years. The increasing complexity of dental treatment that older people require will create...  Read more

P115  Oral surgery:  Beware of Chicken Bones: An Uncommon Presentation of a Foreign Body in the Palate by D Martin, C Naraynsingh

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This paper describes a case of an intra-osseous foreign body impaction in the hard palate, a chicken bone fragment, in an adult male. The presentation mimicked that of an odontogenic lesion. Though palatal soft tissue foreign bodies in toddlers are well reported, the literature is sparse on cases...  Read more

P119  Special Care Dentistry:  Oral Healthcare in the Older Population: An Increasing Challenge to the UK Dental Profession by H Barrow, M Ashley

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The percentage of the UK population that is over 65 years old is growing and this brings a number of complex challenges for the dental profession. Patients are struggling to attend for appointments and those who do are attending with increasing physical and mental morbidities and greater care...  Read more

P127  Paediatric dentistry:  Is there a Role for Casein Phosphopeptide–Amorphous Calcium Phosphate (CPP-ACP) in Paediatric Dentistry? by C Warner, HJ Rogers

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In the age of minimally invasive dentistry, products with the ability to prevent and reverse common dental diseases are becoming increasingly popular. Casein phosphopeptide–amorphous calcium phosphate (CPP–ACP) contains the compounds casein, phosphate and calcium, which all have the ability to...  Read more

P135  Paediatric dentistry:  Non-syndromic Oligodontia in Siblings: A Spectrum of Experience by C Heggie, L Gartshore

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Non-syndromic oligodontia, the agenesis of six or more teeth, has a prevalence of 0.14–0.25%. Genetic, epigenetic and environmental influences affect expression. Three brothers presented with agenesis of 14, 21 and 23 permanent teeth, respectively. They were medically well, with no relevant family...  Read more

P141  Oral medicine:  Traumatic Ulcers with a Hidden Cause: A Case Report by P Chana, D Ion

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Oral ulceration is a common condition that can affect the oral mucosa, and patients often present in both primary and secondary care. There are a number of causes of oral ulceration, ranging from trauma to malignancy. The cause of the oral ulceration can be difficult to establish, especially when...  Read more

P145  Aesthetic Dentistry:  Aesthetic Smile Makeover using Direct Composite Restorations: A Case Report of Interdental Spacing and Altered Passive Eruption by T Ziv

Interdental space between anterior teeth is an aesthetic and a phonetic problem. While various treatment options are available, patients often have concerns regarding treatment invasiveness, duration of treatments, costs and long-term prognosis. This case report describes a step-by-step smile...  Read more

P148  Dental Analysis:  Comparative Dental Analysis: Should Dentists Release Dental Records? by C Sallis, S Mânica

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Comparative dental analysis is the main role of a UK forensic dentist. It is undertaken to determine whether postmortem findings are in agreement with the provided antemortem data for an individual, in order to achieve a positive identification. It requires dentists to maintain accurate dental...  Read more

P152  COVID-19:  Redeployment of Dental Teams during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Review of Experiences and Lessons Learned by C Platais, F Siodlak, I Toor, L Ormondroyd

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The COVID-19 pandemic has spread across the globe, causing millions of cases and disrupting the lives of people worldwide. The increase in the number of critically unwell patients has put healthcare systems under immense strain, requiring them to adapt their service provision to cope with increased...  Read more

P156  COVID-19:  Understanding COVID-19 Vaccines and Immunity by L Samaranayake, S Anil

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COVID-19 Vaccines are currently the talk of the world. The internet is full of memes on COVID-19 vaccines - myths more than truths. In this commentary we further review some of the issues related to the success and failure of COVID-19 vaccines, and the theoretical and practical elements on...  Read more

P162  Letters to the Editor:  Letters to the Editor by B Dunphy

In March 2020, the UK entered its first national lockdown in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Most hospitals,1 including the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (OMFS) unit in Norwich, paused their elective procedures and outpatient clinics. Dental practices closed their doors leading to the rapid...  Read more

P164  Technique Tips:  The Check Record by NJ Patel, AD Walmsley

The check record is a simple technique used at the delivery stage of complete dentures that verifies the occlusion.1 It is an effective technique that requires the use of a pre-occlusal record on the arc of closure to allow the clinician and technician to identify occlusal errors and correct them.2...  Read more