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Understanding your NHS Pension and Benefits
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The latest breakthrough in 3M technology - 3M™ Scotchbond™ Universal Plus adhesive and 3M™ RelyX™ Universal resin cement
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The Power, Art, Synergy and Simplicity of Digital Dentistry
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A team approach to periodontal management – together we achieve more!
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Issue: Volume 46 Number 10 - November 2019

Issue Cover

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P905  Editorial:  Thanks to the BSP by T Burke

Welcome to the special ‘Perio’ issue of Dental Update, put together by the British Society of Periodontology (BSP).  Read more


P906  Guest Editorial:  Message from Dr Praveen Sharma (previous Chair of the Early Career Group in the BSP) and Dr Mark Ide (President of the BSP) by P Sharma, M Ide

We hope that you find this ‘Perio’-focused issue of Dental Update particularly interesting and informative.  Read more

P907  Periodontics:  The Burden of Periodontal Disease by K Butt, R Butt, P Sharma

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Periodontal disease is the most common chronic inflammatory disease seen in humans. It is a major public health concern, and in its severe form affects approximately 10.8% or 743 million people aged 15−99 worldwide. Trends such as the rise of smoking in developing countries, the obesity and...  Read more

P914  Periodontics:  What are the Links between Periodontitis and Systemic Disease? by A Lopez-Lago, M Tasnima Choudhury, P Sharma

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That the mouth and the body are not disconnected should come as no surprise. In this article, the links between periodontal and systemic health will be reviewed by investigating these in both directions, starting with the more familiar effects of systemic conditions on periodontal health and...  Read more

P918  Periodontics:  Assessing Periodontal Health and the British Society of Periodontology Implementation of the New Classification of Periodontal Diseases 2017 by MR Milward, A Roberts

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Periodontal disease is a highly prevalent, chronic, inflammatory condition which is a major contributor to tooth loss and poor oral health-related quality of life. For the vast majority of patients, the disease is entirely preventable/manageable often aided by input from dental health...  Read more

P930  Restorative dentistry:  Assessment and Management of Endo-Periodontal Lesions by P Hoyle, M Tank, S Modarres-Simmons, C Annabel Storey

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Endo-periodontal lesions present a number of challenges for clinicians. These include understanding their underlying aetiology, forming an accurate diagnosis and suitable prognosis and subsequently formulating an effective treatment strategy. This article aims to provide a summary of the literature...  Read more

P942  Periodontics:  An Update on Non-Surgical Management of Periodontal Diseases by I Midwood, P Hodge

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Non-surgical periodontal therapy (NSPT) underpins all other restorative treatment which takes place in the mouth. Therefore a thorough understanding of the process of delivery of effective NSPT and long-term maintenance of periodontal health is essential for every dental practitioner. This article...  Read more

P952  Periodontics:  The Role of Antimicrobials in Management of Periodontal Diseases by B Aziz Firdaus, P Sharma, M Milward

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With the looming threat posed by antimicrobial resistance, appropriate prescribing of antimicrobials, including antibiotics, is increasingly relevant. In this article, the reasons why antimicrobial therapy is not the mainstay of treatment for most patients with periodontitis will be explored. Some...  Read more

P959  Periodontics:  The Role of Maintenance in Periodontal Disease by J Batt, P Ower, P Sharma

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There is increasing recognition, made explicit in the new classification for periodontitis, that periodontitis is a lifelong disease that is not ‘cured’ but rather ‘managed’. This paper focuses on how the response to periodontal treatment is ideally measured and how decisions are made as to whether...  Read more

P966  Periodontics:  Managing the Consequences of Periodontal Diseases/Treatment: Gingival Recession by P Bahal, M Malhi, S Shah, M Ide

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Gingival recession is a widespread clinical finding that can lead to discomfort, root caries and periodontal problems for some patients, yet be of no consequence for others. There are certain factors which may increase the risk of significant recession, and likewise a range of management strategies...  Read more

P978  Restorative dentistry:  Peri-Implant Disease Part 1: Diagnosis and Assessment Parameters by A Daly, G McCracken

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Where suitable, dental implants are praised as a method of providing fixed solutions with good longevity, and providing greatly improved retention for removable prostheses, resulting in increased levels of patient satisfaction and quality of life. However, with increasing evidence of long-term...  Read more

P986  Restorative dentistry:  Peri-Implant Disease Part 2: Management of Peri-Implant Disease by A Daly, G McCracken

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Unfortunately, peri-implant disease is a common clinical finding in patients with dental implants. Whilst preventive and supportive regimens are best practice, many patients still present with signs of peri-implant disease. Treatment options include non-surgical or surgical approaches but there...  Read more

P993  Technique Tips:  Controlling Bleeding during Surgical Procedures – the ‘Mini-Sucker’ by P Ower

It is often necessary to ensure good haemostasis during dental procedures, to ensure that blood contamination does not interfere with restorative or other techniques.  Read more

P993  Book Review:  100 Years of Women in the Dental Profession in UK by E Kidd

Janine Brooks wrote this book in 2018 to celebrate the achievements of women dental professionals in the 100 years since some women in UK achieved the right to vote in 1918.  Read more