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Issue: Volume 45 Number 11 - December 2018

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P1001  Editorial:  Perhaps the old-fashioned dental practice wasn't so bad? by FJT Burke

The dental practice of 25 years ago was a 2 to 2.5 dentist practice, because one receptionist could cope with that number: it often had three surgeries, two dentists, one hygienist, with each surgery having a dental nurse: the practice owner was, more than likely, one of the dentists, an associate...  Read more

P1043  Implant Dentistry:  Chronic Idiopathic Pain Following Implant Placement in the Anterior Maxilla: a Case Series by J Patel, P Nixon

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This article reports on three patients who presented with pain following placement of dental implants in the anterior maxilla. It aims to document a rare complication of implant placement which arguably requires further investigation through characterization of cases. Three cases in total were...  Read more


P1003  Restorative dentistry:  The Application of Occlusion in Clinical Practice Part 1: Essential Concepts in Clinical Occlusion by S Mehta, S Banerji

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The first of this three-part series will focus on the occlusal assessment and the proposed features of the ‘ideal occlusal scheme’. The examination of the static and dynamic relationship of the dentition is outlined, including the extra- and intra-oral examination. The terminology associated with...  Read more

P1016  Fixed Prothodontics:  Immediate Natural Tooth Bridges by AC Greer, J Husain, N Martin

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This article describes four cases in which immediate natural tooth bridges have been provided. Four different techniques are described for creating these. The four different retainer types discussed are silanated glass fibres impregnated with PMMA and bis-GMA, laboratory-made metal wings, metal...  Read more

P1024  Orthodontics/Endodontics:  The Orthodontic/Endodontic Interface Part 4 by H Anwar, J Darcey, OH Malik

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The final part of this four part series will review the effects of orthodontic treatment with endodontically treated teeth. There are few published articles on the challenges faced when treatment planning cases with the integration of both endodontics and orthodontics. This article will aim to...  Read more

P1032  Restorative dentistry:  A 'Handling' Evaluation of the Dentsply Sirona Class II Solution System by the PREP Panel by FJT Burke, RJ Crisp, P Sands

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The value of practice-based research has been previously discussed,1 with the arena of general dental practice having been considered the ideal environment in which to carry out evaluations of the handling of dental materials and their clinical effectiveness.   Read more

P1048  Orthodontics/Orthognathic Surgery:  Principles of Orthognathic Management of Dentofacial Discrepancies by KS Achal, FB Naini, DS Gill

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Individuals with severe dentofacial discrepancies that are beyond the scope of conventional orthodontic treatment will often require a joint orthodontic-surgical approach to manage their malocclusion. This treatment approach involving orthodontics in combination with orthognathic surgery is used to...  Read more

P1057  Medicine in Dentistry:  Head and Neck Skin Cancers and Where to Find Them – a Quality Improvement Project by NV Shah, D Ashworth, N Moran, A Holmes

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This article is a summary of a three-stage quality improvement project aimed to raise awareness and provide basic knowledge for the early identification and appropriate referral of suspicious skin lesions. The results of this project may indicate that not enough attention is given to these lesions...  Read more

P1063  Oral surgery:  Bilateral Dentigerous Cysts: An Updated Literature Review and Report of a Case with Associated Root Resorption by Z Yonel, A Papineni McIntosh, N Donaldson, M Murphy, P Taneja

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Dentigerous cysts, though common, rarely present bilaterally. The rarity of bilateral presentation is highlighted by a review of the literature which revealed a total of 77 published cases. This demonstrated that, although 29% were asymptomatic, 58% presented with swelling and 22% with pain. The...  Read more

P1084  Technique Tips:  An Innovative Guided Direct Composite Resin Restoration Technique for Managing Tooth Surface Loss and Dental Anomalies by M Dorri

Direct composite resin restorations are increasingly being recommended as a minimally invasive treatment option for oral rehabilitation in patients with tooth wear or inherited dental anomalies, eg microdontia, amelogenesis imperfecta.  Read more