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Article: Volume 42 Number 2 Page 160 - March 2015

  Dent Update 2015; 42: 160-165  Read article

Periodontics and Sexual Health:  Is Oral Health a Risk Factor for Sexual Health?

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Abstract: New evidence suggests that the extent and severity of periodontal disease may be a significant risk factor for erectile dysfunction, sperm motility and time to conception. This paper reviews the evidence and informs members of the dental team when dealing with this sensitive issue. As more research is forthcoming the topic of oral and sexual health is likely to be part of regular routine medical screening. Any issue concerning oral health as a risk factor for sexual health is likely to be a sensitive subject, rarely discussed in the dental setting. However, as new evidence emerges, this topic is likely to get into the public domain. All members of the dental team should be aware of such an association.

Clinical relevance: Furthermore, the information in this paper may provide further incentive for certain patients to improve their oral health.

Author notes: Jane Eastham, BDS, Research Assistant, School of Dental Sciences, Newcastle University and Robin Seymour, Emeritus Professor, School of Dental Sciences, Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 4BW, UK.

Objective: To investigate whether oral health is a risk factor for sexual health.

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