Article: Volume 43 Number 2 Page 196 - March 2016

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Technique Tips:  Technique Tips – The Windowed Partial Denture: An Elastomeric Retention Technique in Patients with Lone-Standing Teeth

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Abstract: A removable prosthesis relies greatly on active retention, through the use of clasping elements into undercuts and the utilization of guide planes. Retention is defined as the resistance of displacement along the path of insertion. Various factors influence a patient’s satisfaction with a removable prosthesis, which include technical quality of the prosthesis, patient’s previous denture-wearing experience and patient-related factors such as the denture-bearing area.1

Author notes: Ahmed Alhilou, StR/ACF, James Chesterman, StR and Peter Nixon, Consultant, Restorative Department, Leeds Dental Institute, The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, Leeds, UK.