Issue Feedback: Volume 42 Number 9 - November 2015

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Gordon Hennessy   1 Jan 2016  -   
Article on Antiplatlet/Anticoag. meds. by Steven Johnston was excellent. By some margin, the best read I've read on the subject. Elsewhere, I discovered they're now teaching school children how to do coronectomies - amazing.

Shadaab Khan   18 Dec 2015  -   
as usual v good articles
endo one v helpful tks

M Muneer   1 Dec 2015
Are you serious a sixorm student(A-level) contributing in writing about O-surgery procedure and guess what coronectomy of wisdom tooth ???
I think, the Author wants to help this A-level student when applying to Uni ! may be he is applying to dental school !!

Louise Ashton   28 Nov 2015  -