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Dental Update publishes postgraduate articles covering new and established clinical treatment. All articles are peer reviewed, offering subscribers an unbiased and professional platform for continuing professional development and education in the UK. Dental Update carries 40 hours of verifiable CPD per year.

Current Live Edition: Volume 43 Number 7 - September 2016

P605  Editorial:  The commoditization of choice by FJT Burke

As a presenter at hands-on composite meetings, I take the opportunity to ask my audience about the materials that they use. On many occasions in the recent past, when I asked this question, I was astonished to hear that a sizeable proportion did not have any choice regarding the materials that they...

P606  Guest Editorial:  The ‘Uberization of orthodontics’ – or how low can you go? by M Kelleher

The race to the bottom for the quickest, allegedly ‘great’ or bargain deal in orthodontics has reached a place that few would have thought possible even five years ago. The gradual ‘uberization’ of dentistry in general, but of orthodontics in particular, has produced a raft of new and largely...

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