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Please note the new format of CPD in Dental Update starts with the April issue. You will only be able to give ONE answer to each question and make sure after you have answered each individual question you must press submit answers BUT you must also confirm you answers by pressing the SCORE ICON to calculate your CPD percentage as it wont register your answers until you have verified them by pressing that score icon on the CPD page. Any problems please contact 01483 304944.. CPD certificates can be downloaded after two months from answering as we have extended the time you can answer CPD questions for two months.

Current Live Edition: Volume 42 Number 3 - April 2015

P205  Editorial:  Salutary lessons by FJT Burke

‘The first requirement of a hospital is that it should do no harm’ Florence Nightingale, 1820–1910.

P206  The Francis Report – Why it Matters to the Dental Team by J Bagg, R Welbury  CPD

P210  The Francis Report – The Importance of Person-Centred Health and Care by S Maher  CPD

P215  The Francis Report – Implications for the Education and Training of Dental Professionals by V Bissell, DH Felix

P221  Emergencies in Orthodontics Part 2: Management of Removable Appliances, Functional Appliances and other Adjuncts to Orthodontic Treatment by P Dowsing, A Murray, J Sandler  CPD

P230  An Update on Crown Lengthening Part 2: Increasing Clinical Crown Height to Facilitate Predictable Restorations by H Jeet Kalsi, D Iola Bomfim, U Darbar  CPD

P238  Pain Part 2a: Trigeminal Anatomy Related to Pain by T Renton  CPD

P247  Keep an Eye Out for the Bifid Uvula: A Case Report by S Alroyayamina, M McKnight

P250  Mouth Cancer for Clinicians Part 1: Cancer by N Kalavrezos, C Scully

P261  Seventeen Years of Using Flowable Resin Restoratives – A Dental Practitioner’s Personal Clinical Review by M Th Firla  CPD

P270  Case Report: Fractured Needle in the Pterygomandibular Space Following Administration of an Inferior Dental Nerve Block by E Bailey, J Rao, A Saksena

P275  Complete Dentures: Designing Occlusal Registration Blocks to Save Clinical Time and Improve Accuracy by M Bishop, T Johnson

P282  Aesthetic Treatment Related to Clinical Need – An Illustrated Case Report by P Worskett

P293  Letters to the Editor by A Ali, A Patel, H Preiskel

P296  Clinical Challenges Q&A 9. Buccal and Palatal Soreness by C Scully, D Malamos

P297  Technique for Bonding a Single Extracted/Exfoliated Lower Incisor to Provide a Temporary/Permanent Solution by C Sida-Murray

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