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Dental Update publishes postgraduate articles covering new and established clinical treatment. All articles are peer reviewed, offering subscribers an unbiased and professional platform for continuing professional development and education in the UK. Dental Update carries 40 hours of verifiable CPD per year.

Please note the new format of CPD in Dental Update starts with the April issue. You will only be able to give ONE answer to each question and make sure after you have answered each individual question you must press submit answers If you want to print your CPD Certificate before the closing date of the CPD of that relevant issue you must press the SCORE ICON to calculate your CPD. If you would like to wait for your CPD your answers you do not need to press the SCORE ICON and then it will automatically be submitted on the CPD closure date.

Any problems please contact 01483 304944. CPD certificates can be downloaded after two months from answering as we have extended the time you can answer CPD questions.


Current Live Edition: Volume 42 Number 7 - September 2015

P597  Guest Editorial:  Getting the measure of quality by D Anousheh Alavi

What does quality assurance mean to you? If you are reading this journal, as I have been since a dental student, you are aware of what this unique journal offers, which explains why Colgate’s partnership with Dental Update goes back to well before continuing professional development (CPD) was...

P599  Modern Endodontic Planning Part 1: Assessing Complexity and Predicting Success by S Jawad, R Vahid Roudsari, J Darcey, A Qualtrough  CPD

P612  Rehabilitation of Oncology Patients with Hard Palate Defects Part 3: Construction of an Acrylic Hollow Box Obturator by R Ali, A Altaie, B Nattress  CPD

P622  Pain Part 4: Odontogenic Pain by T Thayer  CPD

P632  Class II Division 1: An Evidence-Based Review of Management and Treatment Timing in the Growing Patient by SK Barber, KE Forde, RJ Spencer  CPD

P644  Mouth Cancer for Clinicians Part 4: Risk Factors (Traditional: Alcohol, Betel and Others) by N Kalavrezos, P Crispian Scully  CPD

P656  Juvenile Hyaline Fibromatosis: Impact of Periodontal Care on Quality of Life and a Patient Perspective by Z Yonel, S Parmar, ILC Chapple  CPD

P667  Dental Management of a Patient with Multiple Idiopathic Cervical Root Resorption by R Ali, S Fayle, D Langley, A Altaie, B Nattress  CPD

P674  A PREP Panel, Practice-Based, Evaluation of the Handling of the Kerr Demi-Ultra Light Curing Unit by FJT Burke, RJ Crisp

P681  Dental Abrasion of Incisor caused by a Babies’ Dummy Clip: A Case Report by EJ Doğramacı, G Rossi-Fedele  CPD

P687  Letters to the Editor by D Martin Hussain, A Kumar Singh, S Sulugodu Ramachandra, H Majeed Mahdey

P690  Clinical Challenges Q&A 13. Painful Lip and Mouth Ulceration by P Crispian Scully, D Dimitrios Malamos

P692  Technique Tips – The Cost of One Post-Operative Sensitivity following Placement of a Posterior Composite Restoration by FJT Burke